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    Fayetteville NC
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    My interest is Life. To learn something new and positive everyday. And to push my music to the limits.
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    Tommy Borders better known by his stage name Bama Mr 16 Bars and Stacy Jordan better known by his stage name Flo Boy have come together to form the rap duo ONE HUNNIT. Bama is from Union Springs Alabama and has numerous mixtapes under his belt as a solo artist. He has appeared in many articles and opened for many top artists like Fat Joe, Adina Howard, Mike Jones, Marcus Houston, Charlie Boy, T-Pain, and J-Cole. Flo Boy calls Fayetteville, North Carolina home and has several mixtapes out with his prior group BDS Boyz. He has opened for several artists and has performed at Fayetteville State University. Together they have just released the hot new single Curry Sauce and are currently working on their first mixtape as One Hunnit.
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    Music, Studio, Basketball,Sparring,Working Out, and being Cool

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  1. RT @ChrisUNRULY: #NerveDJs CURRY SAUCE @One1Hunnit @floboy84 Added by @bamamr16bars https://t.co/gOWTvOXHAB https://t.co/GKlL1UvFJM

  2. RT @JoinDaNCrowd: Have you watched "Money Dance" by @Bamamr16bars featuring @floboy84 yet? If not, check it out here: http://t.co/p2xjXbZTMT

  3. Video: BAMA Mr. 16 Bars Ft. Flo Boy - Money Dance [unsigned Artist] http://t.co/jEkkj2MDQw #WSHH via @worldstar

  4. KeepIt1000: Beat Her Down by BAMA mr 16 bars ft Flo Boy produc... http://t.co/b8xZf0vRvg

  5. They say they love you, but underneath you can feel the hate.

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