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  1. Chingy Ft. Chris Woodhouse - Super Hero

    Dope, thanks for posting bro! Glad to see Chingy is back.
  2. Yung Joc - What She Like ft.Yo Gotti,Stuey Rock

    Really dope...appreciate it homie
  3. International Show - I'ma King

    Thx G!
  4. Yung Lott Ft. Ace Hood - Supaman

    thanks homie!
  5. Plies - Really From Da Hood

    dope homie!
  6. Shad aka Rich Kid Shawty Ft. T.I. - Get Yo Girl

    dope single...propz for sharing homie!
  7. 9th Ward Gucci - Toot It Up

    so dayum hot....propz!
  8. Vistoso Bosses Ft. Waka Flocka Flame - Tatted

    i am definitely feeling this track. the beat is just so hot and these ladies are gonna explode on the scene.
  9. Ms Atlanta Ft. Gucci Mane - Who Is Ms Atlanta

    really dope single, propz fam!
  10. Yo Gotti - D Boy

    really dope single, thanks!
  11. Cyco - Shout Out

    really dope track bro!
  12. a-freakin-amzing bro! dope single for sure. thanks!
  13. Grand Hustle Presents... Spodee

    I just listened to all of these and just woah!!! I am completely blown away by the fact that each single offers a different level of hotness. Spodee definitely deserves his propz! Btw, 'Check' and 'Core' are my two favorites!
  14. So dope...thanks a lot for this heat! A spin it will go.