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  1. If your following me and never heard my music. I'm sending you a personal invite to check me and leave some feedback
    The link to my single is in my bio. Feedback welcomed. #LinkUp 


  2. I'm looking for an instrumental of T.I. - Castle Walls. Please PM me if anyone has it!!! ty
  3. omg I love this! It samples one of my all time favourite songs
  4. 4th single from E=MC2 I Stay In Love Tracklisting 01. I Stay In Love (Main) 03:32 02. I Stay In Love (Instrumental) 03:31 http://sharebee.com/88a2b779 Here's a blend I made of this track with B.O.B. - Haterz Everywhere: http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=GT-3Z4XN0AA Enjoy.
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