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  1. Im sure everyone has heard of http://t.co/YLM3uSPI well good news. The song Rexx Leo did... http://t.co/WavZqocw

  2. Good morning twitter =)

  3. happy new years everyone =D lol im back from vacation

  4. Listening to r Kelly double up

  5. I'm in bulgeria lol it's wild son

  6. we all know the heat gonna lose..... bosh to soft lol.....

  7. making a club banger with @THEE_NARKO. Made R and B history with @HookKilla good things on the way as well a classic with @musicalemerald

  8. hmm i cant wait for new years ima party so hard!!! lol

  9. hope everyone had a wonderful christmas

  10. My new sounds: Never Give Up (Clean) http://t.co/ZmBniGwq on #SoundCloud

  11. My new dirty south club banger =D check it out Talk About Money Rexx Leo ft OZ fresh and GD http://t.co/jEkyxwq1 on #SoundCloud

  12. damn.... this song i just wrote... so wild son...

  13. bumping tm103 real nigga shit =D

  14. Do you like Drake, TI, and, Lil Wayne? Get my song Never Give Up for free in exchange for just one post:... http://t.co/wetRYziu

  15. shout out to the ATL.. Yall got the best parties and clubs =D

  16. be thankful for what you have.. it could always be worse..

  17. shout out to all the real independent women... Having your own is the most attractive thing of all...

  18. shout out to all my followers =D. yall are the best =D

  19. damn what these females want from a nigga... give them good dick, honesty, and respect and they still not satisfied... RT if you feel this..

  20. Check this video out -- Lord Knows Rexx Leo and GD http://t.co/8bp30ct9 via @youtube

  21. I uploaded a @YouTube video http://t.co/oG7hlPKp Lord Knows Rexx Leo and GD

  22. damn simba is swagged out in my avi LOL...

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