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  1. Im sure everyone has heard of http://t.co/YLM3uSPI well good news. The song Rexx Leo did... http://t.co/WavZqocw

  2. Good morning twitter =)

  3. happy new years everyone =D lol im back from vacation

  4. Listening to r Kelly double up

  5. I'm in bulgeria lol it's wild son

  6. we all know the heat gonna lose..... bosh to soft lol.....

  7. making a club banger with @THEE_NARKO. Made R and B history with @HookKilla good things on the way as well a classic with @musicalemerald

  8. hmm i cant wait for new years ima party so hard!!! lol

  9. hope everyone had a wonderful christmas

  10. My new sounds: Never Give Up (Clean) http://t.co/ZmBniGwq on #SoundCloud

  11. My new dirty south club banger =D check it out Talk About Money Rexx Leo ft OZ fresh and GD http://t.co/jEkyxwq1 on #SoundCloud

  12. damn.... this song i just wrote... so wild son...

  13. bumping tm103 real nigga shit =D

  14. Do you like Drake, TI, and, Lil Wayne? Get my song Never Give Up for free in exchange for just one post:... http://t.co/wetRYziu

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