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  1. Thank god i dont have to go to class until 11:45 tomorrow cuz professor cancelled class for this week. :)

  2. RT @DiamondAtl: WORD OF FAITH:If ur enemy is hungry give him food 2 eat if he is thristy give him water 2 drink ... http://t.co/D1llosqj

  3. Ima kill a bitch if dis bitch don't have her shit str8 4 this project. Cuz I aint have 2 go 2 school today but I gota finish this shit

  4. Thank God I don't have classes anymore this week...just gotta hit the library.

  5. Just got out the studio!

  6. Word!! Yupp that's all for now lol... RT @ANNASIL0: @x2Ashl3yx wtf. Nigga is wallin So that's all?

  7. RT @ReemaMajor: I love to drive with the music blasted , I live in my zone

  8. I can never get tired of the movie Love & Basketball....

  9. Shit was so funny! RT @bangbreezy: We asked this kid what simba's dad's name was, she said KING JULIAN. lmfaao. Me & @x2Ashl3yx cracked up.

  10. SMH I was in class & I was look'n at d clock & shit wasn't movin I was like wat d fuck. My friend was like its been like dat for d past week

  11. Has anybody tried SALVIA!! I heard that shit CRAZY!!

  12. God , first . Family , second . Acquaintances , third . No fourths , no friends .. no time to pretend - @ReemaMajor

  13. In order to be irreplaceable one must always be different. -coco chanel

  14. BIG BLUE!!! Let's GOOOO GIANTS ... Let's get it @teamvic

  15. If you dont like me, remember that its mind over matter. I dont mind and you dont matter.

  16. That's Fucked up! Lol... RT @Marijuana_Facts: Stoners, you NEVER want to be in this type of position when buying weed: http://t.co/RKjSbGgw

  17. RT @RevRunWisdom: Very important::: always love ur enemies,,, they hate it. #truestory

  18. Fml professor wasn't here and it passed the time so I was out then security guard chasing me down saying come back to class she here.. Smh.

  19. My emotions are something that i try hard not to show so don't ask why i prefer having my eyes red & type low

  20. I want a motorcycle so bad and my bike license. I'm gonna take the test soon just to take.

  21. Why my boss always swears I'm sleeping!! Smh....

  22. FML in my public speaking class and have a speech to do....

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