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  1. Thank god i dont have to go to class until 11:45 tomorrow cuz professor cancelled class for this week. :)

  2. RT @DiamondAtl: WORD OF FAITH:If ur enemy is hungry give him food 2 eat if he is thristy give him water 2 drink ... http://t.co/D1llosqj

  3. Ima kill a bitch if dis bitch don't have her shit str8 4 this project. Cuz I aint have 2 go 2 school today but I gota finish this shit

  4. Thank God I don't have classes anymore this week...just gotta hit the library.

  5. Just got out the studio!

  6. Word!! Yupp that's all for now lol... RT @ANNASIL0: @x2Ashl3yx wtf. Nigga is wallin So that's all?

  7. RT @ReemaMajor: I love to drive with the music blasted , I live in my zone

  8. I can never get tired of the movie Love & Basketball....

  9. Shit was so funny! RT @bangbreezy: We asked this kid what simba's dad's name was, she said KING JULIAN. lmfaao. Me & @x2Ashl3yx cracked up.

  10. SMH I was in class & I was look'n at d clock & shit wasn't movin I was like wat d fuck. My friend was like its been like dat for d past week

  11. Has anybody tried SALVIA!! I heard that shit CRAZY!!

  12. God , first . Family , second . Acquaintances , third . No fourths , no friends .. no time to pretend - @ReemaMajor

  13. In order to be irreplaceable one must always be different. -coco chanel

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