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  1. “@bigmarkspain “@LoveAdrianeBMAK i was gonna go to #Stadium tonight but im such a grandma (cont) http://t.co/nuE3rEaf

  2. come out and support me December 9th at Island Cafe http://t.co/WF5KA16O

  3. i m sure im slept on but once i wake ur ass up, u think its five o clock in the morning, no t-pain time but army time

  4. Damn heard a big boom and the place went pitch black

  5. It's my window I can't stand the rain

  6. She left alone but cam in multiples

  7. am i really crazy????

  8. Waiting for you like gold on the other side of the rainbow

  9. “@Aye_Kekee Can't wait till Wednesday night and all of Thursday!!” yesss

  10. I love her Asian eyes but she's American

  11. Party on conteh rd larual

  12. She called me sweet dick jitta.

  13. Good morning to the single moms taking there kids sum were

  14. those cheeseburger and chicken sandwich's at shoppers 10 for 10 are on the >>>>>>>>>>>

  15. I tongue kiss her other tongue. Skeet Skeet Skeet water gun

  16. “@PassportAbuser http://t.co/ugGHJ8qI boss status...” were u going to court

  17. Savage life 3 this morning.

  18. so the realist music out is childish gambino, luda chris mixtape, and webbie album. savage life three real nigga shit

  19. I enjoy the fact I'm still seeing ladys legs white girls too.

  20. Aye I fuck with childish gambino camp

  21. Aww man I love black women all man I love black women east coast to west coast all black women

  22. I am in love with wat we are.

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