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  1. “@bigmarkspain “@LoveAdrianeBMAK i was gonna go to #Stadium tonight but im such a grandma (cont) http://t.co/nuE3rEaf

  2. come out and support me December 9th at Island Cafe http://t.co/WF5KA16O

  3. i m sure im slept on but once i wake ur ass up, u think its five o clock in the morning, no t-pain time but army time

  4. Damn heard a big boom and the place went pitch black

  5. It's my window I can't stand the rain

  6. She left alone but cam in multiples

  7. am i really crazy????

  8. Waiting for you like gold on the other side of the rainbow

  9. “@Aye_Kekee Can't wait till Wednesday night and all of Thursday!!” yesss

  10. I love her Asian eyes but she's American

  11. Party on conteh rd larual

  12. She called me sweet dick jitta.

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