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  1. While on the “The Kelly Clarkson Show” recently, Robin Thicke recalled a bank robbery he witnessed that ended up inspiring his “Shooter” collaboration with Lil Wayne. Robin tells Kelly Clarkson that when he was 18-years-old, he was inside a bank when some guys with masks and guns entered and robbed the place. He wrote a song about this experience titled “Oh Shooter” for his debut studio album, A Beautiful World. Years later, Wayne put his own spin on the “Shooter” track and added it to his Tha Carter II album, which Thicke says he ended up getting a Grammy Award for it. However, I think he is getting mistaken with Tha Carter III album. Check it out below! “When I was around 18-years-old, there was a crazy story that took place where I was in the bank getting some cash for a weekend vacation and the bank got robbed,” explained the singer. So, these two guys came in with masks, automatic weapons, and told everyone to get down on the ground. And so, I ended up writing this whole song about my experience going through a live bank robbery, and years later, Lil Wayne ended up doing a verse on it and put it on his album, and he won a Grammy on that album, actually.” The post Robin Thicke Recalls Witnessing A Bank Robbery That Inspired "Shooter" With Lil Wayne [Video] first appeared on Lil Wayne Fansite | Weezy Blog.
  2. It’s that time of the week again! Today’s “Feature Friday” installment is a song from Dizzy titled “The Pimp Is Here” featuring a hook from Lil Wayne, as well as verses from Kidd Kidd and Gudda Gudda. The Raj Smoove-produced track appears on the Young Money affiliate’s Da Best Of Dizzy aka Raw D.I. mixtape, which was released back during the Sqad Up era. “So gather round, the pimp is here; I got all of your ladies and your women here; I got the extended rear, the lengthy hair; Bitch, you know how a pimp do, you know how a pimp do” You can listen to “The Pimp Is Here” below. PREVIOUS: Feature Friday #231 The post Feature Friday #232: Dizzy - The Pimp Is Here (Feat Lil Wayne, Kidd Kidd & Gudda Gudda) first appeared on Lil Wayne Fansite | Weezy Blog.
  3. Remix, baby! Here is the official remix for Yung Gravy‘s “oops!” single featuring Lil Wayne. The original version of this Valentino Khan-produced song appears on Gravy‘s Gasanova album, which was released on October 2nd of last year via Republic Records. You can stream the “oops!” remix after the jump below! What are your thoughts on it? The post Yung Gravy - oops! (Remix) (Feat Lil Wayne) first appeared on Lil Wayne Fansite | Weezy Blog.
  4. HoodyBaby recently took to his Instagram page to preview a new song that has Lil Wayne vocals. There is a possibility that this collab is for the upcoming Young Money compilation, or it could be for the L.A.T. project as Hoody references Flow in his verse. You can check out a sneak peek of the forthcoming collaboration after the jump below! Are you liking the sound of it? The post HoodyBaby Teases New Music With Lil Wayne [Video] first appeared on Lil Wayne Fansite | Weezy Blog.
  5. Playboi Carti recently chopped it up with Kid Cudi for an interview (yes, you read that right) with Interview Magazine. While talking about his vocal style, Playboi reveals he was influenced by Lil Wayne to freestyle all of his songs and verses. You can check out exactly what Carti told Cudi below! Would you ever like to see a collaboration between Wayne and the Atlanta rapper? CUDI: Talk about your vocal style, which stands apart from other rappers. Is it premeditated or is it just something you come up with in the moment? CARTI: I’m right there in the moment. Everything is freestyle. Shout out Lil Wayne. I use whatever I bring with me that day. If something is stressing me out, I’ll come to dish that. If I’ve been hanging around my street, I’ll make street shit that day. No matter the vibe of that day, that’s how I come. The post Playboi Carti Reveals Lil Wayne Influenced Him To Freestyle All Of His Music first appeared on Lil Wayne Fansite | Weezy Blog.
  6. To announce the return of the Sourdough King and the Sourdough Breakfast King, Burger King have debuted a new commercial featuring a popular Lil Wayne song. The ad includes Tunechi‘s “6 Foot 7 Foot” instrumental playing in the background and it seems BK have a new slogan which is a play on one of Tune‘s most-famous bars: “Real Gs move in silence like sourdough” You can check out the commercial in a video after the jump below. Weezy supported this advertisement on his Twitter page with a couple of tweets that you can also see below! Real G’z move in silence like…. — Lil Wayne WEEZY F (@LilTunechi) February 24, 2021 Sourdough @BurgerKing #AD — Lil Wayne WEEZY F (@LilTunechi) February 25, 2021 The post Burger King Release New "Sourdough King" Commercial With Lil Wayne Music [Video] first appeared on Lil Wayne Fansite | Weezy Blog.
  7. Over the weekend on February 27th, Lil Wayne was a special guest on Fox Sports Radio’s “Up On Game” weekend show podcast where he chopped it up with LaVar Arrington, T.J. Houshmandzadeh and Plaxico Burress. During their conversation, which you can check out below, Tunechi revealed he is about to shoot a music video for “Ain’t Got Time” with Foushee, a new Young Money compilation is on the way, and he just recorded a new song on Friday night called “Rocket Fire“. Weezy also spoke on if it was in his plans to inspire the new generation of rappers, how he became a Green Bay Packers fan from New Orleans, his Young Money Sports agency, how he became the first celebrity on “The Masked Singer” after originally asking for Nicki Minaj to go on it, the Boston Red Sox, why no shows and tours at the moment are hurting him, and much more! The post Lil Wayne Announces A New Young Money Compilation, "Ain't Got Time" Music Video, New Song "Rocket Fire" & More first appeared on Lil Wayne Fansite | Weezy Blog.
  8. For this week’s “Feature Friday” edition, I have picked a song from Servin Tha World Click titled “Servin’ It Hot” featuring Lil Wayne, Turk and the Big Tymers. The Mannie Fresh-produced track appears on the Nashville rap group’s album, Shippin’ N Handlin’, which was released back in 1999. If you didn’t already know, Servin Tha World Click are made up of Jack Zane, Rhyme, Duce, Fyste, Scapes, and Ike The Referee. “I be thuggin’ I knows, it don’t matter I goes, to your spot with hollows, jump out the car I shot fo’, n*ggas run and die slow” You can listen to “Servin’ It Hot” below. PREVIOUS: Feature Friday #230 The post Feature Friday #231: Servin Tha World Click - Servin' It Hot (Feat Lil Wayne, Turk & Big Tymers) first appeared on Lil Wayne Fansite | Weezy Blog.
  9. As it is #ThrowbackThursday today, here is some footage of the Cash Money Millionaires hosting Rap City’s “Top 10 Countdown” on BET back in 2001. In the episode, Lil Wayne, Birdman, Mannie Fresh, Mickey, and Stone can all be seen introducing the hottest music videos of that year while on a boat and dock. Wayne‘s “Shine” music video featuring Big Tymers, Mack 10 and Mickey was also featured in the “Top 10 Countdown”. You can check out Cash Money hosting the Rap City show in a #TBT clip below! The post Throwback Thursday: Lil Wayne & Cash Money Millionaires Host Rap City's "Top 10 Countdown" In 2001 [Video] first appeared on Lil Wayne Fansite | Weezy Blog.
  10. Gudda Gudda recently chopped it up with Lalaa Shepard in a virtual interview for a new edition of The Progress Report’s “Conversations With Lalaa”. During their conversation, Gudda spoke on taking a hiatus from music, being influenced by the Hot Boys, how COVID-19 has affected him, New Orleans, if B.G. is free from prison, Cash Money Records, the different eras of Young Money, if he feels he is underrated, surviving Hurricane Katrina, what the word “progress” means to him, and fatherhood. Double G also recalled his first time meeting Lil Wayne, why they decided to call their rap group “Sqad Up” (it involved Wayne wanting something to tattoo on his knuckles as he liked how Mobb Deep did that), Sqad Up being a clothing line at first, and supporting Weezy through his public feud with Birdman and Cash Money. You can watch the full 30-minute convo after the jump below! The post Gudda Gudda Talks Different Eras Of Young Money, First Meeting Lil Wayne, Sqad Up, Wayne vs. Birdman's Public Feud & More [Video] first appeared on Lil Wayne Fansite | Weezy Blog.
  11. DJ Drama was a recent guest on the 85 South Show podcast where he chopped it up with DC Young Fly, Karlous Miller and Chico Bean. Throughout the show, Drama discussed his favorite Gangsta Grillz mixtapes and said Dedication 2 is one of his personal favorites, as well as recalled how they didn’t have a lot of time to create Dedication 1. The Philadelphia DJ and record executive also reveals the FBI have some unreleased Lil Wayne verses that they took when they raided his studio back in 2007. You can check out their full conversation in the video after the jump below! Thanks to Amritpal Uppal for the heads up! The post DJ Drama Reveals The FBI Have Some Unreleased Lil Wayne Verses From A 2007 Raid [Video] first appeared on Lil Wayne Fansite | Weezy Blog.
  12. Jethro Sheeran aka ALONESTAR has took to social media to announce a new collaboration with Lil Wayne. The music artist and producer from Bristol, UK, who is cousins with Ed Sheeran, says contracts have been signed and the single will be released this spring! Are you looking forward to hearing the ALONESTAR and Wayne collab? Alonestar ft @liltunechi #Lilwayne coming this spring ! pic.twitter.com/GlVQBSl1Vu — jethro ALONESTAR Sheeran (@ALONESTAR1) February 18, 2021 The post Jethro "ALONESTAR" Sheeran Announces New Collaboration With Lil Wayne first appeared on Lil Wayne Fansite | Weezy Blog.
  13. If you didn’t already know, one of the songs Lil Wayne and Rich The Kid remixed on Side B of No Ceilings 3 was BRS Kash‘s “Throat Baby“. In a recent interview with HipHopDX, the Atlanta rapper addressed Wayne remixing his song for his mixtape by saying he grew up on the No Ceilings and Dedication tapes. Kash also revealed he stopped everything he was doing when he first found out Tunechi had freestyled over “Throat Baby“, as well as mentioned he has not yet met Tune in person, but hopes to soon as he is an inspiration to him! “You know, growing up with No Ceilings and Dedication, when we really had physical mixtapes, you know what I’m saying, was something else. We were bumping Wayne, and so for him to do that, I was totally excited. I forgot where I was, but I think I had just landed in Texas or something like that, and then I heard about it. I dropped everything, and I was like: ‘Man, this is crazy’. I haven’t come across him yet, but I figure it’ll happen sooner or later. Looking at his journey from 1999 to now, [Lil Wayne] is an inspiration.” The post BRS Kash Talks Lil Wayne Remixing "Throat Baby" On No Ceilings 3 first appeared on Lil Wayne Fansite | Weezy Blog.
  14. Russ recently chopped it up with DJ Suss One for a virtual interview on Dash Radio’s “Wake Up With DJ Suss One” show. At the 6:45 mark of their conversation, Russ revealed he “grew up on ’07 Lil Wayne” before later on mentioning “Wayne is up there for sure” when asked who his GOATs are at 9:25. After saying he originally got interested in rap from Eminem and 50 Cent, the Atlanta resident rapper goes on to say he then got into Weezy‘s music and remembers being in high school when “A Milli” first dropped. You can check out the full convo below! The post Russ Reveals He "Grew Up On '07 Lil Wayne" & Calls Wayne One Of His G.O.A.T.s [Video] first appeared on Lil Wayne Fansite | Weezy Blog.
  15. I have chosen a song from the Rally Boys titled “Rally Up” featuring verses from Lil Wayne, Birdman and Mannie Fresh for this week’s “Feature Friday” edition. This track appears on the Dallas rap group’s debut album, Rally World Volume 1, which was released back in 1999. If you didn’t already know, Rally Boys are made up of Big Ben, Kottonmouth, Jizno, Morris Jessie, and E-Li. “I ride 20s all day, young baller blocker I be sending 50 y’all ways; I don’t think they ready for when my sawed-off spray, but I’mma be a Hot Boy nigga always” You can listen to “Rally Up” below. PREVIOUS: Feature Friday #229 The post Feature Friday #230: Rally Boys - Rally Up (Feat Lil Wayne & Big Tymers) first appeared on Lil Wayne Fansite | Weezy Blog.
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