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  1. Since we first got word Lil Wayne had partnered up with video game company Ubisoft a few weeks ago to market Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Breakpoint, the official trailer has now been released that stars Wayne. In the hilarious trailer, which was directed by David Leitch, Weezy plays a live game of Ghost Recon: Breakpoint from his home while “Uproar” plays in the background. Snoop Dogg makes a special appearance at the end too. You can check out the trailer for Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Breakpoint video game before it is released on October 4th after the jump below. Click here to also watch Tunechi test out the game by playing a demo with a few YouTube gamers!
  2. A new Lil Wayne interview has surfaced online with Vibe magazine that took place a few weeks ago, which you can read below. During their conversation, Weezy spoke on if T-Pain‘s statements about him and Birdman betting up to $10,000 on video games are true, playing games with his kids, why Missy Elliott makes his top 50 rappers of all time list, and being excited to hit up the studio every night to see what he comes up with. Tunechi also announced that he likes the idea of releasing another rock album after dropping Rebirth back in 2010, as well as that him and Drake are still planning to drop a collaboration project at some point in the future! Years ago, T-Pain said he saw Wayne and Cash Money co-founder Birdman bet up to $10,000 on games, while letting the computer battle it out to see who wins – like sports betting, but you get to pick each other’s competition. “I don’t recall that,” Wayne laughs when asked if T-Pain’s statements were true. “I don’t recall letting the computer play for no $10,000, but we definitely probably played each other for something like that. … I’m sure I didn’t lose that $10,000 bet whenever it happened. I don’t think I’ve lost too much. I’d say about $500 would be the biggest loss I’ve had, if anything. Maybe $1,000. But I’m putting the [cheat] code in on you and everything for that $10,000.” These days, while Wayne says that Drake and Birdman have made games tough for him in terms of other artists, he admits that his biggest competition is at home. “If I’m playing an artist, I’m only practicing against you to get better against my kids. You gotta stay superior on stuff like that,” he chuckles. His sons are aged 10, 9 and 9, “but think they’re 21 and 22.” “My sons, they like to play vintage, so I have to go back and get a team that was great in the year of the team that they pick. My middle son’s vintage team is the LA Rams, my youngest son, Meatball, is going to go with the Atlanta Falcons from the year that Deion Sanders was playing, and my oldest son, Tune, is going to go with the Bengals when they had Boomer Esiason.” Wayne also spoke about the Top 50 rap lists that have been circulating this summer. While he’s cited Jay-Z as his GOAT before, he took time to give credit to Missy Elliott as one of his favorite rappers and described her impact using another sports analogy. “A lot of people, their eyes widen up when I say that. If I placed her, there may be a question. It shouldn’t be, though,” Wayne says. “When Missy came out, everybody was rapping about the same things, and everybody [in each region] was trying to get better at the same things, one type of style, in my eyes. … Missy came out way from Virginia on some other shit, making sounds. Her and Timbaland were like Tom Brady and Bill Bellichick.” His rap bonafides are unquestionable, but Wayne has also dabbled in rock: his tour with Blink 182 was paired with a mashup of his song “A Milli” and the band’s “What’s My Age Again,” and he released his own rock album Rebirth in 2010. When asked if he would consider making another rock album, Wayne said he liked the idea. “I would definitely want some help on it this time. I did that one by myself. The most help I got, I consider her like another mom, is [soul/R&B singer] Ms. Betty Wright. She taught me a few strings, a few chords on the guitar, how to hold a few notes,” Wayne reveals. “I would definitely fuck with Blink, I’d let Travis go crazy on one or two of them bitches. … I would love to go back and do some vintage songs on it this time as well. I would have to get some clearances on one or two songs from a band or an artist we all love, and do it like that. I’m trying to see what’s up with a Nirvana song or something. Try to get my Kurt Cobain on.” The Young Money Entertainment founder also says that despite a lack of updates, he and Drake still plan to make an album together. “We’re both doing what we do, but he already know,” Wayne says. “We still text and send songs here and there, change a verse because he killed me or change a verse ‘cuz I killed him. It’s still the same competition.” While those two projects are good interview fodder, Wayne’s 13th studio album Funeral is further along – he’s said in the weeks after this interview that he plans to release it by the end of the year. It’ll be his first collection of new, timely music in at least four years, and he says his recording process has changed drastically since his prolific mixtape days. “I love the difficulty of trying to fit in with what’s going on today, making sure I sound likeable to the ears today and having to remind myself that it’s not about what it was back then. Going to the studio now, for me, is awesome. I used to go to that mufucka and do 12 songs a night. Cut a beat on, I’m going to go and you let me know when to stop,” Wayne said. “It’s different now. I can’t wait to get in the studio now every night, just to see what I can come up with. [Before] it was just me going to the studio and saying, let me kill ten more songs and then I’m going to go home or do whatever I was doing. Now, it’s let me see what I come up with. Self-discovery, rebirth – call it whatever you want to call it but it feels awesome, I swear to God.” Pic credit: Nikolai Puc.
  3. Lil Skies recently shared a video of himself on Instagram Live rapping along to Lil Wayne‘s “Tha Mobb” track. In the video, the Pennsylvania-born rapper can be seen rapping along to the flawless intro song from Wayne‘s Tha Carter II album word for word. Click here to also see Skies take a quiz about Tunechi, here to watch him pay homage to Tune in his “Welcome To The Rodeo” music video, and here to see him reveal that even his father was influenced by Weezy! PS: Swipe right on the clip above for more.
  4. Juice WRLD chopped it up with Complex last week for an interview to share his thoughts on Young Thug comparing him to a “2006 to 2009 Lil Wayne“. After revealing he has “a very big appreciation and admiration of Lil Wayne“, the Chicago rapper mentioned that Wayne is #1 in his top 5 favorite artists of all time list. You can see exactly what Juice WRLD had to say about Tunechi below. If you recall to last year, he also announced that he wants to “make a song with Wayne so bad”, especially one like Tune‘s “Throw It In The Bag” freestyle off No Ceilings! Young Thug previously compared you to a “2006 to 2009 Lil Wayne.” Would you say that’s a fair comparison? On a day-to-day, I know I make a lot of harmonies and my music is very rock-influenced. Wayne is one of my favorite rappers. I have a very big appreciation and admiration of Lil Wayne. He changed the game when he came in the game. I still think to this day, when he was in his prime, prime, he was the best rapper alive. So, that means a lot. During your Hot Ones episode at ComplexCon, you told us your top 5 rappers from Chicago, but who are your overall top 5 favorite artists? Lil Wayne, Kanye West, Kid Cudi, this rock band named Escape The Fate, and… I’m trying to think of the last one. Honestly, the last one, I would have to go with Future.
  5. Over 2 years ago, we found out that Lil Wayne and Young Thug had an unreleased collaboration produced by BricksDaMane. A short snippet for this song has now surfaced online, which was presumably recorded in 2014 as Thug did mention back then he has “recorded a million tracks with Wayne already”. You can listen to a sneak peek of this unreleased Tunechi and Thugger collabo after the jump below, courtesy of Kieran Braddish. Do you think the full record will ever see the light of day?
  6. A couple of days ago, a lot of the songs (20 in total) from Lil Wayne‘s original Tha Carter V album surfaced online, courtesy of Weezy Mafia. I was not going to make an article about this, but too many people are hitting me up asking about it, so I’ve decided to do what I did when the Velvet Sessions project leaked online. Due to copyright laws, I cannot post the tracks to this website, but for those who have heard the music, I will list what has changed on each record. If you recall back to 2014, CV was originally due to drop back then, but with the long lawsuit against Birdman and Cash Money Records, Wayne ended up re-recording the album and releasing it in 2018. The full versions of “Mute” featuring a dope verse from Big Sean and “No Brainer” featuring a dope verse from Flow are also included in this new leak. I always tell people that Tunechi‘s best music in my personal opinion seems to be more his leaked music over official releases and hearing songs like “Life Of Mr. Carter“, “Scottie Pippen” and the hilarious “Form Good” confirms this statement even more for me. You can check out exactly which tracks leaked from the original Tha Carter 5 project below! From the tentative tracklist we received in 2014, this now just leaves “Start This Shit Off Right” with Christina Milian and Mannie Fresh, “She Said Better Get ‘Em“, “Grindin” with Jeezy and Young Thug, “Brad Pitt” with B.o.B, “Mano Y Mano” with Gudda Gudda, and “Murda” with Flow as unreleased. If you have heard the OG C5 album, how did you like it and did you prefer it more than the official version we got nearly a year ago? 1. Lil Wayne – No Brainer (Feat Flow) [Wayne uses lyrics from his ‘Murda‘ verse off the Free Weezy Album.] 2. Lil Wayne – Better Get ‘Em [This uses the same instrumental as ‘Stick ‘Em’.] 3. Lil Wayne – Open Safe [Different lyrics, mixing and no adlibs.] 4. Lil Wayne – Take It Slow [This samples “Let’s Wait Awhile” by Janet Jackson.] 5. Lil Wayne – Mute (Feat Big Sean) [A snippet of this was played at LIV nightclub in Miami a while back.] 6. Lil Wayne – Moral To The Story [This is ‘Open Letter’ with lyric changes.] 7. Lil Wayne – Famous (Feat Sam Bruno) [Different lyrics, mixing and includes the hook Sam Bruno wrote for Reginae Carter.] 8. Lil Wayne – Mona Lisa (Feat Kendrick Lamar) [Different lyrics, mixing and auto-tune included.] 9. Lil Wayne – Scottie Pippen [This was produced by Cool & Dre and includes the lyrics from the freestyle Wayne spat over ‘Best Rapper Alive’ at Lil Weezyana Fest 2018.] 10. Lil Wayne – Hoes [This is the same song as ‘Velvet‘ which leaked the other day.] 11. Lil Wayne – Life Of Mr. Carter (Feat Christina Milian) 12. Lil Wayne – Stick ‘Em (Feat Euro) [This was thought to be ‘St. Louis’ on the tentative tracklist and also uses the same instrumental as ‘Better Get ‘Em’.] 13. Lil Wayne – Hush Hush [It is currently unknown who sings on the hook of this song.] 14. Lil Wayne – Holy 15. Lil Wayne – Just Chill (Feat Justin Bieber) [This leaked last year.] 16. Lil Wayne – If I Don’t She’s Mine 17. Lil Wayne – Shake It [This is a different version of ‘Til She Lose Her Voice’ by DJ Spin and Whiite with lyric changes and production.] 18. Lil Wayne – Form Good [This is a funny storytelling song.] 19. Lil Wayne – Poison (Feat Mikky Ekko) [This one is just a reference track, Wayne does not have any vocals on it.] 20. Lil Wayne – Never Really Mattered (Feat Birdman) [Nicki Minaj may also be featured on another version of this song. Wayne’s last verse on this song is similar to his verse on T-Pain’s ‘Let Me Through’. It samples ‘Love You Down’ by INOJ and Wayne uses the quote “Jesus Saves I Spend” from a tank shirt he wore in the ‘God Bless Amerika’ music video.]
  7. Back in May, Skip Bayless first mentioned that Lil Wayne did a good deed for one of his best friends Craig Humphreys’ son, Sam Humphreys, who was battling testicular cancer at the young age of 21-years-old by going out of his way and giving him a pep talk for support. After appearing on “UNDISPUTED” last month, Skip thanked Wayne for appearing on the show between concerts on his current tour with Blink-182 and for helping Sam beat cancer. He also added that Weezy gave Sam VIP treatment at his Los Angeles show on August 8th and gave him a shout out which ended in him getting a standing ovation from the sold-out crowd. In other news, Lil Wayne also gifted the hots of “UNDISPUTED” (Skip Bayless, Jenny Taft and Shannon Sharpe) with some special gifts for allowing him to be on the sports show so often – a bit of bling. You can see a picture of Wayne and Sam Humphreys backstage at the L.A. concert above and see the videos of Bayless giving a heartfelt thank you to Tunechi, as well as showing off the gifts from Tune below! “I want to thank Wayne for helping my best friend from childhood – his son at 22 who has been battling cancer, his name is Sam Humphreys. Wayne went out of his way to pep talk Sam during his chemo, had him out to the Forum for his concert last night, gave him VIP treatment, and shouted him out during the concert – and Sam got a standing ovation from the sold out crowd. Thank you Wayne, you’re an all-time great artist, obviously, but Wayne is a good man.”
  8. Here is the official music video for Birdman and Juvenile‘s “Ride Dat” single featuring Lil Wayne. The visual, which was shot in Downtown Miami at the end of August, includes cameos from Jacquees and DJ Stevie J. This DRoc-produced collaboration will appear on Baby and Juvie‘s forthcoming Just Another Gangsta 2 joint album, due to drop later this year. Click here to view some behind the scenes photos and footage from on set of “Ride Dat“! Do you like the video?
  9. The “Feature Friday” edition for this week is a song from The B.G.z called “Fuck Big Boy” featuring Tec-9. In 1995, B.G. aka Lil Doogie and Lil Wayne aka Baby D formed a group called The B.G.z when they were in the very early years of their music careers. This Mannie Fresh-produced track, which is a diss records towards New Orleans record label Big Boy Records, appears on the B.G.‘s True Story album that was released back in 1995 on Cash Money Records. “Try to knock out B.G., I’mma spray a nigga; Swear to God you was hard, but you don’t want none of me; Cause I’m a little-bitty killa off Apple & Eagle; So put two and fall, see I ain’t with that boy; Cause all I do is grab my .9 and break a nigga off; Somethin’ proper, I will make you droppa; I’m a baby gangsta, not no P-poppa” You can listen to “Fuck Big Boy” below. PREVIOUS: Feature Friday #180
  10. Lil Wayne headlined his 5th annual “Lil Weezyana Fest” at the University Of New Orleans Lakefront Arena in his hometown on September 7th. I previously posted up a video of everything that went down at this year’s “Lil Weezyana Fest” including Weezy‘s full set, and now we can view some pics. You can see these dope photos of Tunechi performing live at his annual music festival in New Orleans below, courtesy of Jared Robinson! Did you attend 2019 “Lil Weezyana Fest”? Pic credit: Jared Robinson.
  11. Euro & Lil Wayne – Talk 2 Me Crazy

    We first got word of this collaboration in June, and now Euro and Lil Wayne‘s “Talk 2 Me Crazy” single has been released. The song will appear on Euro‘s upcoming project, Don’t Expect Nothing (DEN), which will be released later this month on September 20th. You can listen to “Talk 2 Me Crazy” below. Also, be looking out for the official music video that was filmed by Sway Mendez in Miami to premiere soon!
  12. Lil Wayne recently paid a visit to celebrity jeweller Eliantte to purchase some bling bling for himself and for his team. To gift all of his staff and artists signed to his Young Money record label, Wayne bought several icy “Young Money” chains for everyone. The Best Rapper Alive also copped a double-sided 3 finger “Cita, Hi Mom” ring from Eliantte. You can see photos and footage of all of this bling above and below! Credit: Tenzin Sherab and Eliantte.
  13. After first hearing a snippet over a year ago and another snippet last week, the full version of Lil Wayne‘s “Velvet” song has now surfaced online. This track was listed on the original tracklisting for Wayne‘s Tha Carter V album when it was due to be released at the end of 2014. You can stream the CDQ version of “Velvet” after the jump below! Do you like it?
  14. For episode 271 of “The Joe Budden Podcast With Rory & Mal“, the three guys sat down with Nicki Minaj for an interview. During their conversation, which you can watch below, Nicki revealed what her top 5 of all time list is to which she named “definitely [Lil] Wayne” as the first name. “I definitely would never have a top 5 without Wayne that’s for sure.” The Young Money Barbie also talked about if she associates Young Money‘s run with Cash Money‘s run, as well as how we will probably never see anything like Young Mula again! Pic credit: MIA Nights.
  15. On September 7th, Lil Wayne‘s 5th annual “Lil Weezyana Fest“ took place at the University Of New Orleans Lakefront Arena in his hometown. With sets from Akbar V, Leven Kali, Melii, Kash Doll, Saweetie, Megan Thee Stallion, Trey Songz, Meek Mill and Travis Scott, the Best Rapper Alive also brought out DJ Khaled, Future, Choppa, and Cheeky Blakk for surprise live performances. If you couldn’t attend this year and missed the live stream of the concert, TIDAL are now letting you rewatch it back if you are a member. So if you are, hit the jump to check out everything what went down at Wayne‘s show! What did you make of the 2019 “Lil Weezyana Fest” compared to the previous festivals?