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  1. While backstage at the 2019 JMBLYA music festival in Dallas, Texas on May 3rd, Fee Banks chopped it up with Dallas Global for a short interview. After talking about NBA YoungBoy and Quando Rondo, Fee then spoke on his relationship with Lil Wayne and shared a story he will never forget from the Sqad Up days back in 1999. This story included all of the Sqad Up members popping an ecstasy pill before then crying and pouring their hearts out to each other. You can check out Banks‘ interview with Dallas Global after the jump!
  2. Lil Wayne sat down with Carl Lamarre from Billboard for an interview while promoting his new line with fashion brand American Eagle on the rooftop of New Design High School in New York City on July 15th. In their conversation, which you can read below, Weezy spoke on his proudest accomplishment as the CEO of Young Money, working with Swizz Beatz, if they will ever record a joint project together, and his Tha Carter album turning 15-years-old last month. Tunechi also discussed fashion, “everyday people” wearing his merchandise, Tyga’s “Lightskin Lil Wayne” tribute music video, why Tyga reminds him of Flo Rida, NBA, NFL, what similarities he see’s between himself and Kobe Bryant, the difference in touring with a rock band and touring with rappers, Travis Barker, Drake, and more! You’ve been a trendsetter in fashion over the years whether it’s been your collaborations with BAPE, your TRUKFIT line and now your collaboration with American Eagle. How have you been able to be a consistent style icon with so many shifts in fashion? Fortunately, people just like the way I dress. People like what I put on and how I rock it. So it’s always been an idea to come out with my own line. Obviously, I was fortunate to do that years ago and for people like American Eagle to recognize that, it’s crazy. It’s everyday people who are out here wearing your merchandise. That has to be a special feeling. Definitely. That’s very special. What I mean by that is you can be just watching television and you can be watching something on National Geographic, and somebody can pop up with a TRUKFIT shirt or a Young Money shirt and they’ll let you know that that’s an everyday [outfit]. It’s like seeing somebody back in the day with a Members Only jacket, you know what I mean? Everybody gotta have one. Young Money once was a small label with you, Curren$y and Mack Maine and eventually blossomed into a music conglomerate with you, Drake and Nicki Minaj leading the way. What is your proudest accomplishment as CEO of Young Money? I would obviously and honestly say my biggest accomplishment is being able to say that we’re still here today. Longevity is always the biggest accomplishment. Was there a moment you ever doubted yourself during that stretch? Doubted myself? I’d be a liar to say I’m some kind of superhuman computer and never doubted myself. But I make that sure that whenever I do, it’s in a closed room, and I make sure that once I exit that room, that I left it in that room. You and Swizz cooked up the “Uproar” record last year, and he’s one of your closest friends. What makes that bond so unique between you two? That’s Swizz, man. That’s the type of guy he is. That’s the type of dude he is. I’m sure you can probably have this same conversation about Swizz with a bunch of other people. That’s just him, man. That’s him. He’ll make sure that you’re living right and he’ll make sure that he can help in any kind of way, because he will. So you have no choice to be the same way him with him. Also, his family is awesome. He’s an awesome guy. That’s plain and simple. Because you guys are so close and have proven to have chemistry on “Uproar” and “Pistol on My Side,” would you two consider doing a project together at this point in both of your careers? You know, me and Swizz never ever thought about it. [Laughs.] We never thought about it. That would be crazy. If I come at him with it, he gonna send me 900 beats, so I don’t know what I’m gonna do with all that. But yeah — we never thought about that, but it would be easy. It would be easy. Last month, Tha Carter turned 15 years old. That’s teenager right there. [Laughs.] Yeah, I heard. I remember recording that joint on the bus, the whole album. You can’t record on a bus while it’s moving. We had to stop, and I remember not caring and [keeping] going. I know you were happy to see Tyga pay homage to you on “Light Skin Lil Wayne.” I loved when he paid homage to “A Milli,” when he walked out the trailer. Man, that was my favorite scene. [Laughs.] I got locked in soon as saw that. I was like, “Oh, he rocking it out.” Then, when he started going to other videos, I was like, “Oh, they spent money. This is honorable right here.” That was love to me, most definitely right there. Tyga’s growth has to be amazing to you because when he first come out, he went from dropping “Coconut Juice” to being a strong hitmaker. First of all, when I met him, he told me and I told him, I was like, “You teaching me something.” See, we as artists, I always look at, “Oh, I gotta get in this mood for this song. Now I gotta think like this for this song. Like you’re showing me that you’re staying the same mode, but whatever the subject is, you’re still staying tight. So every time I met you, you’re putting out a hit, that’s why you’re over here.” We’re always going to be putting out hits and we’re still here. You would think because you’re a legend at this point that you wouldn’t be implementing different things to from other artists in order to get better. I look at certain things. It ain’t about the music. I look at certain things and how he approached things. So the way that he approached the song was every song was supposed to be a single. Like every song is supposed to be a hit. I don’t wanna compare, but he reminds me of Flo Rida. Every damn song Flo Rida put out, we may have not heard of it and you may not hear it, but I bet you somebody overseas done heard it. I bet you it’s the No. 1 song on somebody’s charts. That’s why I like Tyga, he knows how to go in there and say, “No. This is song ain’t about to be No. 15 on an album.” If somebody has 15 songs on the album, then we’re about to shoot a video for all 15. Let’s segue into a sports for a bit. I know you’re a Lakers fan, but which duo do you think right now as the potential to make the most noise in the league next season. Like you said, I think everybody knows I’m a Laker fan, so I’m trying to see Anthony [Davis] and LeBron [James]. Speaking of duos, you and Drake are debatably the strongest duo in hip-hop. What makes you two such a strong team in the rap arena. The versatility, plain and simple. You know, him by himself, he’s a group. [Laughs.] He’s singing and rapping and all that, so when you add me, I guess whatever I bring to the table, that’s just what makes us go. Going back to being a Lakers fan, I know you and Kobe have a dope relationship and you once released a record dedicated to him. What similarities do you see between you and him? Motivation. Work, work, work. From what we all know of Kobe, he never stopped. He still out here working and I’m still out here working. And it looks like he approached every single thing he does the same way. So meaning, if today he’s going with his daughter to cheerleading practice, he’s going to be the biggest cheerleading practicing dad that day. He’s going to be the top dude. Madden 20 just announced four NFL players in DeAndre Hopkins, Arnold Donald, Khalid Mack and Bobby Wagner all receiving 99 overall scores. If you could pick one player to start your franchise with, who would it be and why? Oh, man. I think I would have to go with Aaron Donald. I’m a defensive guy. I love defense, and if I’m going to go between him — and to me, Khalil Mack — then I’m picking Donald, because he’s a little younger and that’d probably be the only reason why. You’ve recently started your joint tour with Blink-182. Talk about Travis Barker and what makes him such a special collaborator in the hip-hop world? Man, Travis, plain and simple, his swag is great. He knows what to do with that. Once he gets behind that drumset, boy, it ain’t about nothing else. Music is music. Once you hear that drum, he knows what he’s doing. Again, it’s his swag, he knows how to relate. He’s a cool kid, though. What’s the difference you’ve noticed in touring with a rock band versus touring with rappers? I mean, there’s a huge difference in crowd energy. Those folks are energerized off of every song. You know, they’re there to have fun and that’s not to say that when we go to hip-hop shows that we’re not there to have fun — but you know, we also fly and we don’t wanna get too sweaty, and we don’t wanna look too crazy. You know, we don’t wanna lose our minds. They don’t have none of those restrictions. They wanna look too crazy, they wanna get sweaty and they wanna lose their minds. [Laughs.]
  3. Here is some footage of Lil Wayne headlining the 7th annual JMBLYA music festival at Fair Park in Dallas, Texas on May 3rd. In the recap videos, which you can check out below, Weezy can be seen performing “6 Foot, 7 Foot“, “Mona Lisa” and “A Milli” live, as well as speaking to the crowd. Click here to view plenty photos of Tunechi performing at this year’s JMBLYA festival in Dallas! Pic credit: Jaron Menzimer.
  4. It’s that time of the week again! Today’s “Feature Friday” installment is a Mannie Fresh song called “We Fresh” featuring a chorus from Lil Wayne. This track, which was also produced by Mannie, appears on his debut studio album, The Mind Of Mannie Fresh, that was released back in 2004. “Dude fell off, then you fell off, then he fell off, and then the weak fell off; But Wayne’s well off and Mannie’s well off, and the family’s well off” You can listen to “We Fresh” below. PREVIOUS: Feature Friday #174
  5. Cory Gunz recently sat down with DJ Thoro and Hynaken for an interview with ThisIs50 to promote his upcoming project called Kriminal Minded. At the start of their conversation, the Gunna confirmed he is still signed to Young Money and revealed that him and Lil Wayne have so much unreleased “fire” music, which Wayne is saving, but he does not know when the songs will drop. Before the interview wrapped up, the YM artist also spat a freestyle for the camera. You can check it all out in the video after the jump below! Are you ready to hear some new Cory and Weezy?
  6. Last week, Drake shared a video of his iced out old Young Money logo chain to Instagram and asked his followers to name their favorite Lil Wayne song. A lot of celebrities got involved with the question, which included J. Cole saying “Mama Gave Me“, Tyga picking “Birds Flyin’ High“, Big Sean choosing “SportsCenter“, Cuban Doll selecting “Prostitute“, Boi-1da saying “Cannon“, and AJ Tracey picking “Hit ‘Em Up“. Some more names you will recognize from the music industry include Tay Keith choosing “Let The Beat Build“, Honorable C.N.O.T.E. selecting “Hustler Musik“, Preme saying “Tha Mobb” and “Money On My Mind“, Euro picking “When They Come For Me“, Jae Millz choosing “I’m Me“, “30 Minutes To New Orleans“, “BM J.R.” and “Told Y’all“, and Taco selecting “D’usse“, “Money On My Mind“, “Throw It In The Bag (Freestyle)“, “Georgia… Bush & Weezy’s Ambitionz“, “My Daddy“, “Leather So Soft” and “Way Of Life“. You can check out Drizzy‘s Instagram post after the jump below to have a read of the 100+ comments from many more famous people revealing their favorite Tune track. Be sure to also leave a comment below with what your own favorite song from Weezy is!
  7. While promoting his new collection with clothing brand American Eagle on the rooftop of New Design High School in New York City on Monday (July 15th), Lil Wayne chopped it up with XXL for an interview. During their conversation, which you can read below, Weezy spoke about his Young Money fashion collaboration with AE, working on new music in the studio with Lil Baby and Big Sean for his Funeral album, recording a song called “I Do It” with Lil Baby as a swap for swap verse, and what he likes about Lil Baby as a rapper. Tunechi also talked about which producers he has worked with on Funeral, what he is doing different with this new album than on Tha Carter V, his upcoming “Old Town Road” remix with Lil Nas X, what advice he would give to Nas X, which female rappers are on his radar right now, his plans for Young Money, Nicki Minaj, his youngest son Neal aka Meatball being interested in music and sending him his own bars, and more! XXL: Why did you choose to partner with American Eagle to introduce your Young Money brand to a new set of consumers? Lil Wayne: First of all, they’re like the everyday-person place, you know? I always thought my brand was the average, everyday-person brand. I’m not tryna go too high, not tryna go too low. I want my brand to be something that’s in everybody’s closet. Sort of like back then with the Members Only jacket, back in the days. Something like that. I look at American Eagle like they’re also for the future and also for the youth. And the youth and the future. So for them to look at me as some sort of trendsetter or something like that, I was obliged. A collaboration with American Eagle helps further align your Young Money brand with today’s youth culture. Why is it important for you to have that connection with the youth? Ah man, I have kids, first of all. And my music, it’s always been fun music for the kids. I don’t get too many grown-ups to bang my music like that, but the kids love me. So that’s what it is. Your Funeral album is coming soon. Who are some of the artists you’re working with? I’ve worked with a bunch of artists already. I don’t want to give up the goods on too many. Lil Baby. I’m a big Lil Baby fan. So it was a swap type of thing. You send me a song, I send… that type of thing. But actually he demanded that he work with me. That’s a new thing these days. Back in the days when I was doing it, there was no such thing as you send me your song. You had to be in the studio with that person. He demanded that. So I respected that. We got to do the session together. We was out here in New York, not long ago. Probably a month ago. It was him, I and Big Sean. Awesome. So will all three of you guys be on the same song? I don’t know. Do you have a song title for your collaboration with Lil Baby? “I Do It.” And the producer for that song? I don’t know. He Lil Baby came with the beat. What do you respect about Lil Baby as an artist? I loved his voice at first and it kinda reminded me of me when I was younger. And then his melodies and stuff started getting at me. So that’s what it was. And then I started actually listening to what he’s saying and he talk about the struggle a lot and he’s talking about some real stuff. Who are some of the producers you’re working with on Funeral? A lotta LoopHoles. That’s a guy they call LoopHoles. A lot of their music. Again, the usual suspects. Rio, Academics, Monsta Beatz, London On Da Track, people like that. Is there anything you’re doing a bit differently with this album in comparison to the last one you dropped, Tha Carter V? With me, what the new thing is for me is actually trying to put out music that sounds like a little more like today’s music. What that means for me is the difference is adding hooks. I forget about hooks. I forget ’em. Somebody gotta come in the booth and stop me from rapping, like, “This is where you stop it and add a hook.” A snippet of your remix of Lil Nas X’s “Old Town Road” leaked to the internet on Monday. Is that an official remix? They sent it to me and I did it as an official remix. I’m not sure if they was gonna use it. You’ve had plenty of No. 1 songs in your career. Lil Nas X’s “Old Town Road” is about to break the record for longest-running song at No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 with 16 weeks. He’s just getting started. What advice would you give Lil Nas X on navigating the music business? Stay focused. When you break that record, make sure it’s not a record to you. Make sure you don’t even realize it nor recognize it at all. Put that in your head that someone else broke that record and you want to break their record. Plain and simple. Because I can’t even tell you if I was No. 1 on the charts because it never mattered. The only thing that ever should matter, bro, is your next song. Are there any new female rappers on your radar right now? There’s a bunch of female rappers, all of the ones I hear I like. The City Girls. I live in Miami so I hear a lot of them. I like how they just say what they want, do what they want. They also remind me a lot of the old Miami music. Trina, a lot of that type of music. We miss that. Also Kash Doll. I like Kash Doll because she’s spitting. She might play around on the song because the song is what it is, but when you catch her in her zone, she in her zone. What are your plans for Young Money the label this year? Are there any new artists we should look out for? The whole team. I don’t know about new to your eyes or new to your ears as far as the social media thing. But other than that, the whole team is kinda new. Everybody coming out is gonna be like a new squad. You got Vice Versa, you got Hoodybaby, you got Jay Jones, you got Euro. And you already know the queen, that’s her throne. Ms. Nicki Minaj. That’s just her throne. She’s not new, she’s just the queen. She can do what she wants, when she wants, how she wants, when she wants. Why do you think Nicki Minaj has been able to maintain longevity in her career? She does her like I do me. She don’t pay attention to what anybody else doing. She makes sure that she’s being the best her every day. I told her to do that. She put the best foot forward and keep moving. You mentioned that it’s important for you to stay connected to the youth, especially since you have children. Have any of your children shown interest in rapping? So they all have different interests in it in their way of being interested in it, but it’s actually my youngest, Meatball. He’s 9. He’s the one who sends me his bars, he actually puts raps together. Do you give him advice on his bars so far? I do. I tell him certain ways he should say things. I don’t tell him what to say, I tell him how to say it. He likes to make raps about whatever he’s going through that day. He’s got a bunch of songs about what he ate, you know, about playing in his room.
  8. We first got word of this collaboration last month and saw a preview of the collection earlier this month, and now more details about Lil Wayne‘s upcoming “Young Money” fashion line with clothing brand American Eagle have been announced. For the back-to-school season, AE and Weezy will be releasing an exclusive 25-piece tie-dye and color-blocked collection of t-shirts, hoodies, shorts, jeans, socks, boxers, hats, chains, skate decks, and more. The price of these products will range from $8.00 to $100.00. The collection will debut and drop next month on August 10th with American Eagle revealing the full line on July 30th. You will be able to find the items in all AE stores, as well as on their official online website. In a statement to WWD, Tune had the following to say about his latest clothing line: “I know my fans wear and love the brand, so we came together to co-create a collection that blends my personality with American Eagle’s iconic style. We designed the AE x Young Money collection with purpose and pride. Whether it’s my music or my style, I have always used both as an outlet for creativity and to live my truth – without apologies. American Eagle gets it. The brand celebrates individuality and to me that’s something I want to be a part of.” You can check out a commercial for Tunechi and American Eagle‘s new fashion collaboration after the jump below! Pic credit: Mayan Toledano.
  9. Good news! Lil Wayne‘s classic mixtape, No Ceilings, will finally be coming to music streaming services, such as Spotify and Apple Music, this year. According to someone who works closely with Cortez Bryant and Wayne‘s ex-road manager, Jamil Davis revealed on social media that “Tez has assured me that it’s going to happen this year” when talking about No Ceilings dropping on streaming platforms. “Cortez Bryant heard the fans y’all. The greatest mixtape of all time is coming to streaming services! I can’t say the date but Tez has assured me that it’s going to happen this year! IT ONLY MAKES SENSE!” As this Halloween (October 31st) marks the 10-year anniversary of No Ceilings, you would guess that this is when Tune‘s team plan to release it on streaming services, which is also similar to what Drake did with his So Far Gone mixtape on its 10-year anniversary. Are you looking forward to officially being able to stream Tune‘s No Ceilings tape? Could the Free Weezy Album be next?!
  10. Pierce Simpson from Complex sat down with Lil Wayne for a one on one interview to promote his new Young Money clothing line with American Eagle, which Cortez Bryant first told us about last month before we then saw a preview of the collection earlier this month. During their conversation, which you can watch below, Wayne also spoke on what his favorite piece from his new fashion line is, being shocked that American Eagle wanted to work with him, new generation rappers, TRUKFIT, how the last 18 months of his life have been, his upcoming Funeral album, and more. While discussing Funeral, Tunechi says Tez Poe has release date for the project, but he doesn’t want to announce it as of right now and so it’s “coming soon”. Tune even explained that he never records music for a specific album; he just records a bunch of songs and let’s Tez pick which ones will appear on the certain project. It is very “rare” Weezy is in the “I’m about to go record this album” mode as it has only ever happened once, which was when he was locked up in jail!
  11. Trina has took to her social media to announce their will be a music video for her “Situation” song featuring Lil Wayne. “#TheOne is OUT NOW!!! #Situation video on the way #RMG produced by @audiojones” If you have not yet heard or want to hear the Audio Jones-produced track, which appears on the female rapper’s Situation album, click here to do so. Are you looking forward to seeing a visual for Trina and Wayne‘s “Situation“?
  12. A snippet of Lil Wayne rapping over Lil Nas X‘s “Old Town Road” single has surfaced online. With Nas X releasing an official remix for this song a couple of days ago with Billy Ray Cyrus, Young Thug and Mason Ramsey (the Walmart yodeling kid), I wonder if Weezy was supposed to be on it too? You can listen to a sneak peek of Tunechi‘s “Old Town Road” verse after the jump below! Why do you think Tune was left off the official remix? Could it maybe something to do with not wanting to be on the same track as Thug?
  13. Lil Wayne is currently on a North American tour with Blink-182, but it looks like Wayne may already be quitting after 8 shows in for not being happy with the crowd response. Last night during their concert at the Jiffy Lube Live in Bristow, Virginia, Tunechi stopped performing his “John” song to tell the crowd the following: “Please forgive me, but I am so not used to performing to a crowd and there’s not too many, you know, like still from… that’s not my swag. I’m not sure how long I’m going to be able to do this tour, but make some noise for Blink-182 for including me anyway. This might be my last night though.” Tune then walked off stage after 20 minutes of his 45-minute set. According to someone who was at the concert yesterday, Blink-182 also took a shot at Weezy during their set by telling the crowd: “We are going to play one more song then we are going to play more! You know why? We are contractually obligated!” You can check out some footage of all of this after the jump below. There has been no official statement as of yet on if Lil Wayne has actually quit the tour for good! I wonder what this could mean for his Funeral album if Wayne has left? Pic credit: Jake Bogdonoff.
  14. For this week’s “Feature Friday” installment, I have picked a song from former Cash Money Records artist Lil Zal called “My Blok” featuring a verse from Lil Wayne. This Rodney Jerkins-produced track is a leftover from the Honey: Music From & Inspired By The Motion Picture official soundtrack, which was released back in 2003. The record can also be heard playing in a corner store on the movie “Honey“. “My block attitude make me fire at you dudes, sit higher than you dudes, cause it’s gotta be the shoes; Shit, the whole hood was depressed when I moved, but you can’t move the block out the dude, Weezy” You can listen to “My Blok” below. PREVIOUS: Feature Friday #173
  15. One half of hip-hop production duo The Heatmakerz, Rsonist (Gregory Green), chopped it up with EricTheYoungGawd last month for an interview. During their conversation at the 12:40 mark, Rsonist talked about producing Lil Wayne‘s “Tha Mobb” intro off Tha Carter II, as well as how him and Weezy first met. The Heatmakerz producer also mentioned that he has just sent Tunechi some new music the other day, so we can be expecting new heat from them soon! Check out the full interview below! Pic credit: Shaun Llewellyn.