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  1. Lil Wayne has partnered up with Bumbu rum for episode 2 of their “A Word With Wayne” series, which consists of Mr. Carter teaching us about new words in his own way. This week’s word of the day is “hootenanny” and if you have never heard of this word before, you can watch Tunechi describe what it means below. Click here to check out episode 1 of “A Word With Wayne” to see Weezy explain what “supercilious” means!
  2. The “Feature Friday” installment for this week is Drake‘s “Ransom” song from 2008 featuring his Young Money boss Lil Wayne. The Boi-1da-produced song, which does not appear on any official project, includes Weezy reciting all of the alphabet towards the end of his verse. “I’mma bring that barrel to them bitches’ eyeliners; And what I make up, would fuck up your skin; I pick the buck up and buck-buck, then buck-buck again; I would butt-fuck your friend, then suck up her twin, I put the buck up to him; Then buck-buck and buck-buck, and buck-buck again; Suck nut you duck, fuck your unloving kin; Now don’t rub it in… like Lubriderm on a new tattoo” You can listen to “Ransom” below. Is this your favorite Drizzy and Tunechi collaboration? PREVIOUS: Feature Friday #147
  3. Trippie Redd and his ex-girlfriend AYLEK$ recently took a road trip with Spotify on episode 3 of their “RapCaviar” series. During this road trip, Redd revealed that he has only ever looked up to two people and one of them was Lil Wayne: “There’s only two people I’ve looked up to-Lil Wayne and my brother. I learned from them” You can watch Trippie give praise to Wayne below and see him take a road trip on Spotify here!
  4. A short snippet of Nicki Minaj‘s verse off Lil Wayne‘s forthcoming Tha Carter V album has surfaced online, courtesy of Marisa Mendez. “It’s Tha Carter V, TCV; We birthin’ these rappers, get the EPT; And when you see us, it’s hats off; It’s me and Weezy, like a bad cough.” Even though it has not yet been confirmed, this is more than likely Weezy and Nicki‘s “Never Really Mattered” collaboration, which was listed on the tentative tracklisting for C5. You can listen to a sneak peek of the Young Money Barbie‘s “Never Really Mattered” verse after the jump below! What are your thoughts on it?
  5. According to Billboard, Lil Wayne will be honored at this year’s BET Hip-Hop Awards by receiving the “I Am Hip-Hop” award. As well as this award, we also know that Wayne (who will be in attendance) could win “Best Mixtape” at the 2018 BET Hip-Hop Awards for his D6: Reloaded mixtape. This year’s awards show will take place from The Fillmore Miami Beach in Florida at Jackie Gleason Theater on October 6th before premiering October 16th on BET Networks at 8PM EST!
  6. As we are approaching Lil Wayne‘s long-awaited Tha Carter V album, I thought I would make a post of all the music artists, producers and athletes who have been recently teasing the project. We have already seen Floyd Mayweather and James Harden promote C5, and now Wale, Iamsu!, Odell Beckham Jr., Cool & Dre, Metro Boomin, and Vinylz (produced “Believe Me” with Drake) have all hinted at the album on their social media pages. You can check out what all of these people have said about Tunechi‘s upcoming Tha Carter V album after the jump below and I will be sure to update this post if anyone else famous promotes the project! When do you think C5 will be dropping? Maybe Tune‘s birthday (September 27th)?
  7. During his photo shoot with Billboard for their Fall 2018 issue, Lil Wayne chopped it up with the magazine for an interview that didn’t appear in his cover story. In the video, which you can watch below, Tunechi was asked what can he say about his next project that will be Tha Carter V, to which he answered: “Hopefully it’s amazing to everyone else as amazing it is to me. I put a lot into it, it’s been a long time coming. The fans’ patience is amazing in its own, so just to give them something and hopefully that something is more than they was expecting.” Weezy also explained why he believes Nicki Minaj is still the Queen of hip-hop and revealed that the music artists he is currently listening to are: “me”, “myself”, and “I”!
  8. On August 31st, Lil Wayne performed live at 2018 Bumbershoot music festival over 2018 Labor Day Weekend in Seattle, Washington at the Seattle Center. I’ve previously posted up footage of Tunechi headlining the concert by performing his hits live, and now we can see some dope photos from the show. You can check out plenty more pics of Weezy performing at this year’s Bumbershoot festival below, courtesy of David Endicott for Amazon Music! Photo credit: David Endicott for Amazon Music.
  9. We first heard a snippet yesterday, and now here is a new Jason Derulo song called “Broke Up” featuring Lil Wayne and Rick Ross. There is currently no word on what project this HitMaka aka Yung Berg-produced track was recorded for, but I will update this post as soon as the information becomes available. You can stream “Broke Up” after the jump below! What are your thoughts on the collaboration?
  10. Forbes reveal the top 20 rappers who have appeared on their 2018 Hip-Hop Cash Kings list. Lil Wayne made an appearance on this list at No. 18 by banking around $19 million, which is $3.5 million more than what he made last year. Tunechi‘s Young Money artist Drake also made the top 20 of this year’s Hip-Hop Cash Kings list by entering at No. 4 with around $47 million. If you are interested, Birdman also made the list at No. 16 with an estimated $20 million. You can check out the full list below. This year has also been Weezy‘s biggest payday since 2014 and that is thanks to headlining concerts and reaching a multimillion-dollar settlement with Cash Money Records and Universal! 1. JAY Z – $76.5 million 2. Diddy – $64 million 3. Kendrick Lamar – $58 million 4. Drake – $47 million 5. J. Cole – $35.5 million 6/7. Dr. Dre – $35 million 6/7. Nas – $35 million 8. Pitbull – $32 million 9. Future – $30 million 10. Kanye West – $27.5 million 11. DJ Khaled – $27 million 12. Migos – $24.5 million 13. Eminem – $23 million 14. Chance The Rapper – $21.5 million 15. Travis Scott – $21 million 16. Birdman – $20 million 17. Lil Uzi Vert – $19.5 million 18. Lil Wayne – $19 million 19. Logic – $17 million 20. Swizz Beatz – $15 million 20. Meek Mill – $15 million 20. Russ – $15 million Via Forbes Photo credit: Ramona Rosales.
  11. A new Lil Wayne and Jason Derulo snippet has surfaced online, which is currently untitled, but it is also rumored to feature Rick Ross. There is currently no word on what project this collaboration was recorded for, but we do know it was produced by Yung Berg aka HitMaka. You can check out a sneak peak of this unreleased Derulo, Weezy and Rozay collabo after the jump below!
  12. Baby E was asked on his Instagram page on Tuesday if Lil Wayne‘s Tha Carter V album will be released on September 21st after Floyd Mayweather hinted at it last week. The Young Money artist, who has just been released from jail, wrote back saying: “naw don’t think so”. However, E‘s label-mates Lil Twist and Jay Jones have both since posted a C5 image on their Instagram Stories. You can see confirmation of Baby E saying what he did below, as well as also what Twist and Jay shared on their Stories. Please ignore anyone reporting that the Carter V image which Jones shared is the new album cover as it was created by a fan back in 2014! Could C5 drop on Wayne‘s birthday (September 27th)?
  13. Yesterday, James Harden shared a “V” image to his Instagram page with a caption reading “#13” along with a goat emoji. This is exactly the same thing that Floyd Mayweather did last week, but his caption read “#21” instead. It’s not been revealed just yet exactly what these numbers mean, but it is definitely something to do with Lil Wayne‘s upcoming Tha Carter V album. These posts from the professional basketball player and the former professional boxer are also very similar to the promo we got for C5 back in 2014 when Wayne had athletes, such as Kobe Bryant, posting about his project on social media. The Houston Rockets NBA star has now deleted his Instagram post, which is just like what Mayweather did, but you can check out a screenshot below! What do you think the numbers mean? Photo credit: Ramona Rosales.
  14. Swizz Beatz has finally dropped his “Pistol On My Side” aka “P.O.M.S” collaboration with Lil Wayne after first teasing it over a year ago. The single, which no longer samples Wayne‘s “pistol on my side, you don’t wanna hear that thing talk” line off Drake’s “Forever” single, will appear on Swizz‘ upcoming Poison album, due to drop later this year. A music video for “Pistol On My Side” has also premiered, which includes a cameo from Alicia Keys. The Vincent Lou-directed visual was shot at Wayne‘s TRUKSTOP skate park in Miami last month! How do you like the song and video?
  15. Lil Wayne graces the front cover of Billboard‘s Fall issue, which will be available on newsstands September 15th. For his cover story, Weezy spoke on a lot of things including Tha Carter V, his children, tweeting, 2 Chainz’ wedding, seizures, features, Nicki Minaj, suicide, retirement, greatness, Drake, and more. One interesting part from the story is that they reveal the outro on Tunechi‘s C5 album will be about attempting suicide and it will sample British R&B singer Sampha’s “Indecision” song: “When he was 12, Wayne came across a gun in his mother’s house and shot himself in the chest, just missing his heart. In the past, he has called this an accident. But on the new verse he plays, Wayne admits this was a suicide attempt, undertaken after his mother told him he would no longer be allowed to rap. The track, which samples British R&B singer Sampha’s brooding but hopeful 2013 song ‘Indecision’ and will be the album’s outro, was on the original album tracklist, but Wayne added new lyrics this summer, following the suicides of designer Kate Spade and celebrity chef Anthony Bourdain.’ Also during their conversation, we get confirmation that Young Money Entertainment now solely belongs to Tune, but their distribution deal with Republic Records remains in place. You can check out some excerpts from the interview and pics from the photo shoot below! Seizures: After experiencing a series of widely reported seizures between 2013 and 2017, Wayne has cut his marathon recording sessions from what he says were 26-hour runs down to “12 or 14” hours. “That’s the main thing that friends and family and the doc and all them recommend. Just get you some rest.” Drake and Nicki Minaj: “They all the way — they got it. They know how to make them joints that y’all going to be runnin’ to. I’m something else with my music. I’m coming straight at Drake’s and Nicki’s neck, Lord have mercy. I’m talkin’ ’bout machetes. I’mma out-sing Drake, I’mma date Nicki. It’s goin’ down.” 2 Chainz’ wedding: “Everybody was like: ‘You got a speech?’ I didn’t know I was supposed to have one! But his daughter had a speech, the bride’s mom had a speech, his mom had a speech, and all three of them was awesome. The daughter killed it, though. She’s going to be speaking for somebody some day.” His children: “I got four beautiful jewels. As long as they’re smiling, I’m on cloud 39. When I FaceTime one of them, man, everything goes away. I didn’t let it get to me too much. Just the confidence in knowing that there’s always a tomorrow and I’m going to make sure that tomorrow is bright. Some people can’t go on [like] that, like: ‘okay, tomorrow will be better.’ They need it to be better right now. And thank God I didn’t, and I never did.” Tweeting: “There came a time when it was like: ‘Let’s just go ahead and be me.’ I’m always appropriate. Sometimes appropriate may be crazy, but I’m always appropriate.” Features: “I don’t write. When you write something down, you know which thoughts to put on paper to keep you in the subject. You can send me a love song, and I may still find a way to bring [something else] up, cause it’s what I’m going through.” Greatness: “I must be a hell of a motherfucker. In football, when a motherfucker hasn’t been playing one year, we expect him to be nothing. Thank God I’m in music, and they still expect me to be up there with no one touching me, other than my own [Young Money] artists.” Retirement: “I do think about retirement. I think about how I don’t think I ever will.” Photo credit: Ramona Rosales.