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  1. Freshaun- Born A G, Die A G

    Freshaun got anotha one? GOTTA GET IT EARLY F%^& THE HATA THEY HELP YA VIEWS! LOL FEELIN' THIS, if u dont got nothin nyce to say about artists who do this for real, then shut the f&*% up! That dude gonna get hurt for runnin his mouth so much here on greenhitz. It aint hard to find ppl at all. Been watchin his moves for a minute now. TAKE YOU N YO WHACK CITY DALLAS TO SWAGG LAND B4 U THINKIN ABOUT SPEAKIN AGAINST SWAGERRIFICCNESS LIKE THIS TRACK FOOL! DJ's speakin like they got more power than rappers makin DJ's look bad. You outta line bruh. Dont let it take a bullet to get u back in line. LIKE THE SONG SAY, "MIDDLE FINGER ENEMIES, EXECUTE DEM ON DEY BENDED KNEES!" DJBEASTLEE11@YAHOO.COM
  2. Freshaun- I'm A Dopeboy

    banger djbeastlee11@yahoo.com
  3. Freshaun- I'm A Devil

    American psycho rap at its finest djbeastlee11@yahoo.com
  4. Freshaun- Jail Bars

    this makes me feel like i was in jail lol u paint a good picture bruh djbeastlee11@yahoo.com
  5. Freshaun- Main Man

    nice party track djbeastlee11@yahoo.com
  6. Freshaun- Who Me K-Gritty Baby

    djbeastlee11@yahoo.com this the business right here!
  7. Freshaun- Dollface aka Wukee

    tight djbeastlee11@yahoo.com
  8. Freshaun - Gangsta Don

    that's what it do man! djbeastlee11@yahoo.com