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  1. Big Up to the Trouble Crew !!! Terrible is on track to be a massive hit
  2. Bring It Sis, Truth Nuff update the download link - this one done
  3. wish I could hear it so I could leave an honest comment - this system for getting response does nothing to help push music if the dj can't hear it and honestly reply before being forced to reply to get the music - oxymoronish, BOOM FROM METRO BOOMIN
  4. FAT Sound with plenty potential - this should run the season
  5. fresh voice, but she needs to leave the autotune alone - she can actually sing
  6. the mix i s not riding the riddim even, the remix needs to fix that first then listen to the bite - it could be better if it really had a consistent beat. the ssegueway is ametuerish at best.
  7. I wasn't on the internet and heard about it from a txt msg saying BEY Had basically taken control of the airwaves. BAM, once again Beyonce IS The Show
  8. Genius Music for sure. Nas and Jeezy are both kings in the game so this is a sure thing.
  9. they compliment each other in a very unique way. it's good to see them back together again. please, this time keep your flow as your top concern and hire some folks to do your heavy lifting.
  10. his rhymes have taken a different path of late. I must admit he is listenable anytime he drops something. Good Work Yeezy
  11. sound reminds me too much of kanye. originality counts more today which is why he needs to go back to the lab and perfect HIS OWN Sound instead of replicating anothers'. originality gets points, biting gets nothing.
  12. aahhhh finally we really get to somewhat hear his voice. he needs to let go of that autotune and try to do it forreal. when is this cd finally gonna drop ?
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