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  1. a deactivated link marked illegal. you got busted son! hahahahaaaaaaaa
  2. Good looks on the post, but it ain't even rihanna singin... fun for a remix project i guess
  3. andre- r u seriously tellin someone not to post the linx because theyre taking your glory? when youre chargin people for sh*t you dont own in the 1st place? dats just ridiculous. theyre gonna catch up with your a$$ like they did atrium and dj universe
  4. yeah man, not tryna sound like a bully and scare ya - just dont want anyone to get in tropuble. its not worth it
  5. good luck wit that - dont kno if you been payin attention to this forum past few months but they crackin down hard/ got the atrium dude busted real bad for sharin. even if yu buy one series then share with a buddy im pretty sure theyre gonna pick up on it and throw the book at ya. anybody know about companies doin video? i might start to spin with video. i think im gonna subsrcibe with promo only
  6. Guys.. you just dont get it. ---- sell the cds to qualified working djs through their website, their subscription plan and some dealers. The reason they sell them is to cover production and promotional costs. Yes, it actually costs money to run this service! can you name any company in th world that exists by just giving sh*t away?? NO! If you idiots keep postin links to the material for free on this site, you are ruining the company’s able to operate and maintain a business. If you like the product, juts support the company and buy it. And stop cry babying about "the CD’s are too much but I’d pay $2 for one song." It is what it is, and if you don’t like it, there’s plenty of other options out there to pay and play. Ya know, ive been venting about this on here a coiuple times about how ridiculous you guys are but its just annoying and doesnt even make any SENSE --- Check this out.... You buy music. You DJ with that music. You get paid at tha end of your gig for using those songs to do your job. Right? Okay... do you think carpentars go out and bitch about having to pay for hammers, nails, and woods? NO!!! ANd believe it or not guys -- that example is the SAME EXACT THING as what we're talkin about here. Just ridiculus. Have sum morals
  7. i have em. all the early ones. your not gonna find those anywhere
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