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  1. Best part of the entire broadcast! The only other piece worth watching was the tribute to Guru by Premier
  2. Watching those awful, embarrassing BET Hip Hop Awards brought me back to this incredible song! The current state of Hip-Hop is a state of nothing-ness. No textures, nothing substantial. Beats that all sound the same and flash paper lyrics. This dude and a few others are still making real Hip-Hop, SALUTE!
  3. Living legends, no doubt! This is FIRE, I hope the album continues the trend Thanx for the post
  4. YESSIR! This is crazy! These dudes are legendary. No Question! Thanx for the post
  5. I'm a big fans of lyrics, but I still love the music Jeezy puts out! He funny & his beats are almost always crazy! Thanx for the post
  6. Wow, This sh*t is amazing! That beat is CRUSHING & Che straight BODIES Jay Elec's Exhibit C flow. I Just have one question: WHO THE FUCK IS CHE BROADWAY???? I'm going to find out. 1
  7. This joint is hot!!! Yall heard the version 50 cent did off this?
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