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  1. Elzhi is NICE! I'm going to check this out even though Che Broadway already did this.
  2. Track is hot!! But... What's up with the quality? Is this off youtube or something?
  3. In South Beach? Which club?
  4. Yeah! Big things right here yall!
  5. What "Ave" are u talking about?
  6. Cool! We knew we had something with Che, he has some really amazing stuff. We Just released a special edition of his Broadway & Quincy EP. We had it digitally remastered and added a couple bonus tracks, it's really tight. It's on iTunes & Amazon mp3 And his mixtape, Bullets Over Broadway II is available as a FREE download on Datpiff.com Thatcrack.com and mixtape sites across the net. HQ mp3's are available exclusively on Che's Official website CheBroadway.com He's got a dozen or so videos on Youtube and you can download them in the video section Spread the word! Kei Klientele Management Alympik Entertainment
  7. No video yet, but this track is rocking the underground out here. Internet radio, street DVDs, mixtapes and some of these real hip hop clubs like Public Assembly & South Paw He has other videos on youtube & his website. He's ill
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