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  1. Elzhi - Elmatic (2011)

    Elzhi is NICE! I'm going to check this out even though Che Broadway already did this.
  2. OutofaWhole - Tears

  3. Track is hot!! But... What's up with the quality? Is this off youtube or something?
  4. Exhibit C-H-E (RMX)

    In South Beach? Which club?
  5. Wiz Khalifa - Make It Hot (All Versions)

    file not found. re-post plz
  6. Exhibit C-H-E (RMX)

    Yeah! Big things right here yall!
  7. Exhibit C-H-E (RMX)

    What "Ave" are u talking about?
  8. That's what's up ila! Good Look
  9. Exhibit C-H-E (RMX)

    Cool! We knew we had something with Che, he has some really amazing stuff. We Just released a special edition of his Broadway & Quincy EP. We had it digitally remastered and added a couple bonus tracks, it's really tight. It's on iTunes & Amazon mp3 And his mixtape, Bullets Over Broadway II is available as a FREE download on Datpiff.com Thatcrack.com and mixtape sites across the net. HQ mp3's are available exclusively on Che's Official website CheBroadway.com He's got a dozen or so videos on Youtube and you can download them in the video section Spread the word! Kei Klientele Management Alympik Entertainment
  10. Joe Budden - Black Cloud

    Good look
  11. Cuban Bee, yes Cuban bee!!! lmfao! That's funny stuff
  12. Exhibit C-H-E (RMX)

    No video yet, but this track is rocking the underground out here. Internet radio, street DVDs, mixtapes and some of these real hip hop clubs like Public Assembly & South Paw He has other videos on youtube & his website. He's ill