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    Check my myspace [page out, im hella in a rush right now!!
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    Music, Money and Making Good Dreams Come True.
  1. Brrrr -#SoupWasHere (www.Twitter.com/TheVegasSoup)
  2. Lil Baby & Gunna - Drip Too Hard @lilbaby4PF @1GunnaGunna

    drip -#SoupWasHere (www.Twitter.com/TheVegasSoup)
  3. Young Dolph Ft. Key Glock - Major @YoungDolph

    ITS DOLPH -#SoupWasHere (www.Twitter.com/TheVegasSoup)
  4. JC - Bounce @itsyaboyjc

    slow tempo vibe -#SoupWasHere (www.Twitter.com/TheVegasSoup)
  5. Lil Wayne Ft. Nicki Minaj - Dark Side of The Moon @LilTunechi

    Who bought all the Carter albums?? Can't lie, I did not. -#SoupWasHere (www.Twitter.com/TheVegasSoup)
  6. Shake it bish! -#SoupWasHere (www.Twitter.com/TheVegasSoup)
  7. French Montana Ft. Drake - No Stylist @FrencHMonTanA

    I don't need a stylist either, I just need some damn money. -#SoupWasHere (www.Twitter.com/TheVegasSoup)
  8. Jacquees - You @Jacquees

    King of RNB? -#SoupWasHere (www.Twitter.com/TheVegasSoup)
  9. Gigahurtz & Dxyy - Real Love @DjGigahurtz

    -#SoupWasHere (www.Twitter.com/TheVegasSoup)
  10. Lil Blurry - Now I Made It @lilblurry_

    I may only use this as background noise, honestly, but good luck. -#SoupWasHere (www.Twitter.com/TheVegasSoup)
  11. Mulaarie - Kross Road @Mulaarie

    I'll check it out, see what comes of it. -#SoupWasHere (www.Twitter.com/TheVegasSoup)
  12. MadeinTYO Ft. ASAP Ferg - Ned Flanders @madeintyo

    Lemme have it. -#SoupWasHere (www.Twitter.com/TheVegasSoup)
  13. TJ Boyce - No Panties @TJBoyce

    I don't wear panties either... lol -#SoupWasHere (www.Twitter.com/TheVegasSoup)
  14. Bad Bunny Ft. Drake - MIA

    This song reminds me of half the dance clubs I was in after high school. It was way harder to get a latin girl to dance with you, but when you got one to do it..... BOY!!! It was worth it. #Yeeee -#SoupWasHere (www.Twitter.com/TheVegasSoup)
  15. Kam Corvet - Give It A Try @kameroncorvet

    let's "GIVE IT A TRY". lol -#SoupWasHere (www.Twitter.com/TheVegasSoup)