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    Marlo Bloxson, known by “Marlo Da Martian” or simply “Lo” was born in Cleveland, OH to a musically driven family therefore, the creative rhythm was in his blood. Since early childhood, music has played the captain of this Martian’s ship. When asked about his greatest childhood memory, Marlo tells a story of a competition held by Fisher-Price. Although he didn’t win the competition, his rendition of Ben E. King's “Stand By Me”, earned him his first taste of recognition and praise from both the judges and the audience. Marlo fell in love with that moment and instantly became addicted to music.

    Growing up listening to Al Green, The Isley Brothers, and James Brown playing from his Dad’s old record player, Marlo began his career as a singer and songwriter. His soulful beginnings transcended to R&B with the influence of Prince, Boyz II Men, and Stevie Wonder. Between Marlo’s repartee and early love of Hip-Hop, his Rapping career became inevitable. Throw in house music from his Midwest roots and some Rock & Roll and you have a concrete blueprint for an unstoppable entertainer.

    Marlo’s variety of influences, experiences, and developments have given him the tools to expand and sharpen his remarkable songwriting skills which are definitively light years beyond the rest. From poetic R&B to visionary Rock, from imaginative Pop songs to stimulating Rap, MarlpDaMartian proves his ability to blend genres and write revolutionary songs.

    Marlo made his youthful debut opening at a James Brown concert as well as working with Gerald Levert and several other artists. Marlo earned the Certificate of Special Congressional Recognition and placed in the top ten of the John Lennon Songwriting Contest. MarloDaMartian is an award-winning DJ & 3x award-nominated singer, songwriter, residing in the Atlanta area. This renowned Artist can be heard and seen doing various weekly events in the Atlanta area.

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  1. Bruno and Paak Gotta play it! and play ot loud, I fuckin love this record
  2. "Pop Shake Twerk" (PST), is a song by American producer/rap group, ATL Bounce. Composed of singer, rapper, and main producer MarloDaMartian rapper DJ Duel, DJ and co-producer DJ Boogie and rapper Kahlil Jones. Their first single Pop Shake Twerk (PST) is a fusion of Lousiana Bounce music, combined with Atlanta's Krunk sound. Pop Shake Twerk (PST) is available on all streaming platforms on 4/1/2021. Available now on all streaming platforms. https://untd.io/r/AmdsXgg4P7ed Pop Shake Twerk Instrumental .mp3 Pop Shake Twerk.mp3 Pop Shake Twerk Radio Edit .mp3
  3. Its Drake so its gottabe great. putting it in rotation now
  4. lil baby is on fire right now. I actually like him better w/o auto tune
  5. snow man & gotti Is like batman & superman! Lego
  6. RIP PoP Great record. THis joint been banging for a sec.
  7. two of the baddest in teh game right now. NEO SOUL/TrapSoul I love it
  8. the rookie & the goat.. yeah dis gonna be trouble
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