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  1. Song goes right with the movie!
  2. Bigg Wreck

    hot effects

  3. I just want that "whole thang", The "whole thang"!!!! Where the service pack at?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Already! This a banger here!
  4. freedomtownrecordingstudio@gmail.com This joint is banging! Bigg Wreck
  5. This jont is straight banging! Im puttin it on the Mixtape (Futuristic Swagg 2.0 hosted by Bigg Wreck and Redd Boi of FREEDOMTOWN)! Keep up the great work! E-mail me a drop to freedomtownrecordingstudio@gmail.com and I will promote this banger! Already!
  6. Keep doing your thing Kirk! H-Town in the building. Mad shouts to the great D-Will for all the hard work he do as well! One love from Bigg Wreck and FREEDOMTOWN!
  7. Good track. Need a better mix on the track!
  8. freedomtownrecordingstudio@gmail.com
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