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    2005 is when DJ BIG ACE came into the game. Growing up in inner-city Lake Charles, La he started out Djing for parties etc. in the SWLA area. Now he is a Mixshow DJ, Mixtape DJ, and a Mobile DJ. He has been a Coast2Coast DJ since Fall 2009. Now he is known for The Wire Mixtape Series, and The Done It All Radio Series.
  1. Nice!! Been looking for the pack for a while now.
  2. Hey can anybody send me the clean version of this song ASAP to djbigacemusic@gmail.com . the dl link is not working for me . .
  3. need promo pack . . djbigacemusic@gmail.com
  4. send me the promo pack - [aka.drummerboy@gmail.com]
  5. DJBigAce

    hot effects

    Link pls . [aka.drummerboy@gmail.com]
  6. this fiya right here, i'll spin it in Lake Charles, La. jus need the clean and instrumental [aka.drummerboy@gmail.com]
  7. DJ Big Ace Lake Charles, La aka.drummerboy@gmail.com
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