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    “Steel Is Guaranteed To Make Your Head Bob!” In This Time Of MAYHEM In The Music Industry, Where
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  1. My heart is beatin fast like a thousand a second- And this the Summer SMASH 2011, LET'S GO!" BRAND NEW SUMMER JOINT! LET'S MAKE IT HOT! Download Here: http://www.usershare.net/dmanm1pds1hv/Ride (All Night).mp3 Clean Version Here: http://www.usershare.net/di9npuya9hr3/Ride (All Night) CLEAN.mp3 256.453.6297
  2. Hip Hop lovers, please, do NOT pass this mixtape up! Steel is about to be HOT in the streets but not without your help. Download this mixtape and share the links with all your friends on Facebook and Twitter. Thanks Mixtape Factory Link: Steel - I Am Alabama Hosted by at MixTapeFactory.com Mixtape Page Link: http://www.mixtapepage.com/index.php?order=mix&mix_id=13010 Need ANYTHING, hit us up at SteelManMusic@yahoo.com
  3. Go to SoundClick artist: SteelMan Beats - page with MP3 music downloads and download 3 FREE beats! Don't miss out! Get em now while they're still FREE downloads!
  4. Check out SoundClick artist: SteelMan Beats - page with MP3 music downloads for the latest and greatest Hip Hop production!
  5. Steel is putting it down for Alabama! Check out his single "Mr. Alabama" here: Download Steel Alabama (2010) mp3 Also, download all of Steel's album here: Steel - Melody Management Appreciate everybody that rocks with us on this one! Need anything, hit us up at Promo4Steel@yahoo.com 256.453.6297!
  6. NEW HOT CLUB BANGER FROM STEEL! "FRESHER THAN A!" Please leave feedback! We really wanna know how people feel about this record! zSHARE - Fresher Than A.mp3 or Download Fresher Than mp3 ALL FEEDBACK APPRECIATED! For more info or for anything els, hit us up at 256.453.6297 Or email us at SteelMan_450@yahoo.com Check out Steel Raps
  7. This joint is for the FREAKS and it's going to tear up the clubs! Sent it to a few DJs last night and it's already going to be on a few mixtapes! Please, don't sleep on this one! Steel - "Liquor"...it's a play on the word! You gotta listen to get the aim though! DJs, rock this for us. We are really trying to get Steel's name out there and make some awareness of who he is. If you need anything, drops, or more tracks for your mixtapes, hit us up pronto: Promo4Steel@yahoo.com or 256-453-6297! Also check out Steel Raps for LOTS more music from Steel. We present to you, the freaky club smash, "Liquor!" Steel - Liquor: Download Steel Liquor Steel Raps com) mp3 Steel - Liquor Instrumental: Download Steel Liquor Instrumental Steel Raps com) mp3
  8. A Steel remix is like no other. Check out this track from the upcoming mixtape STEELIN YO SHIT! Download Don't Be Scared mp3 Also, go to Steel Raps to download his other free mixtapes!
  9. DJ Kaze That Crack Exclusive Mixtape Steel Your Highness - That Crack Steel Raps
  10. http://usershare.net/pp9doeeg1zwu Here's a link to Steel's new single, "Bama Girl." Come on! We got to make this HOT! Let's do it!!! http://usershare.net/pp9doeeg1zwu Steel Raps[MP3][/MP3] CONTACTS: SteelMan_256@yahoo.com Promo4Steel@yahoo.com 256.453.5297 Manager: Mondreka Hendrix Octagonfurnishings@gmail.com
  11. Steel's brand new hit, "Bama Girl!" This one is gonna blow in Alabama! I need all my Alabama Djs and the surrounding areas to bump this joint! It hits HARD in the club too! Drum is BANGIN! Here's the link: zSHARE - Bama Girl.mp3 Please leave feedback! PLEASE! And if you have any questions, contact us at 256.453.6297 or email us at Promo4Steel@yahoo.com Visit Steel's personal website @ Steel Raps Halla back!!!!
  12. Steel's first song of the year! Steel is currently on the verge of getting a record deal and they wanted to know if he can make "commercial" music...he sent in this track! Leave some feedback for us! Thanks! http://www.zshare.net/audio/711404156bccb614/
  13. I GOT ANOTHER ONE FOR THE LADIES!!! "#1 Fan" Let me know watcha think... http://www.zshare.net/audio/679460253ca09017/
  14. THIS ONE IS A SMASH!!! *EXCLUSIVE*EXCLUSIVE*EXCLUSIVE* Steel - "One Night!" http://www.zshare.net/audio/6721680736c0743c/
  15. YO!!! Yall gotta feel me on this one! I'm still tryin to find a girl to sing part of the hookm but check it out! This some REAL HIP HOP!!! http://www.zshare.net/audio/6713249878587e84/
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