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    Lady - Casey Anthony


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    Fresh off the success of her first mixtape “BItch From Around the Way” and “Bitch From Around the Way II” LADY produced a collaborative mixtape “ Jack Yo Shit”, full of hit tracks with her signature voice and attitude. With the recent success of her track “Im On It” featuring Plies & Jerimih. Lady has a whole lot in store for the Rap Game.

    LADY, born Shameka Brown, has always had a way with words. Whether giving speeches, writing poetry, or just telling a story; the way she told it made you visualize her struggle. "Mama told me I had a slick mouth and it'd get me in a lot of trouble", say's Lady. Even though she was right, it also granted her with the musical ability like no other. Lady didn't really notice her lyrical power until the age of 11.

    Lady went from creating her own spins on hot songs to writing her on music. Soon in 2002, she formed a group with 2 friends and started rapping locally mainly at school. “Yep we had lunch room concerts and I was the main attraction" said Lady. Being well known for her hardcore rhymes and cocky delivery, beating on the tables for beats, and spitting rhymes like she was the headliner at a concert, Lady realized that she was serious about doing more with the music she's grown to love.

    The lyrical vixen branched off and joined forces with a local Drug Boss and began concentrating on building her music portfolio. Soon after in 2005, the police shut the operation down and Lady was back at square one. Turning to the working force, Lady took a little vacation from music not realizing what fate would her in store for the elevation of her career.

    Now in 2009 and 20 years young, Lady said “Hasta La Vista” to a 9 to 5 and kicks in the door to the music industry full time. With her city, Talbotton, GA and family backing her 100% there is nothing standing in her way of success. Lady's determination and raw talent landed her the attention of business mogul Big Gates, the brother and manager of national recording rrtist, "Plies". "Lady is going to change the game! Since the five years I've been in this industry there hasn't been, and still isn't; a realer female rapper! So there was no question in my mind to sign her!" say's Big Gates. Plies believes, Lady will lead the new era of female artist and will represent the street.

    After signing her deal with the major recording label, BIG GATES RECORDS on April 1, 2010 the young star has been in the studio with no rest. "My work ethic can't be matched, I'm here to share my life raw and uncut" says Lady.

    Big Gates Records first lady, who goes by the name "Lady" is a combination of lyrical and raw passion. With her raw and in your face lyrics she's sure to make her mark with no time wasted. Ladies stand up! Finally there is a voice to represent the strength we posses. Who better to tell our story than LADY!

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