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    Da Mutantz - Up Up Down (Move That Thang Around)


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    Da Mutantz is comprised of three members; YUNG3rd Thrizzle Da Mutant (YUNG3rd), J-Swag and Swagg-out. Yung3rd and J-swag have been life long best friends since the age of 9. And when they were 16, the duo became a trio after meeting Swagg-out. Da Mutantz jumped onto the radar and got people talking and crowding the dance floors in all the hottest clubs in November 2009 when "Keep it Jerkin" was released onto YouTube. The video gained over 50,000 hits in just two weeks, even though it was unfortunately pulled for legal reasons. Since they received their first taste of their true potential, Da Mutantz have been working nonstop on creating what are bound to be chart topping singles such as; The A.D.D, Da Mutantz 's A.D.D. single was also featured On ALLHIPHOP.com 2011 MixTape Doing My Thang, and even a collaborative track, 'Get Live With It', with Dash Cadet from the group Cold Flamez. Even though Will I Am, is their biggest influence, they also pull inspiration from artists such as, Outkast, MC Hammer, Father Mc, Eminem, Kanye West and Lil John. Each member of the group discovered their passion to perform in different ways; Yung3rd for instance has known his entire life that this is the career he has to pursue. "I was hearing melodies in my mom's belly" he says, so naturally, nothing else seems to feel quite right as when he has a mic in hand.

    Swagg-Out came upon his talents at a much later age, who's primary focus was basketball till his late teens, when he discovered his superior talent and passion for music. J-Swag knew that he wanted to be involved in music starting around age 13, when he and a friend began to rap for fun, and now is devoting himself to all things music. He believes that always progressing and growing as an artist and as an individual is the best way to live.

    Yung3rd is like the glue of the group, and has a self proclaimed "stupid swag" that no one else could make look as good. Swagg-out is known as the goofball of the group, who is always ready to have a good time and a good laugh. J-Swag fell into the role of the groups "sex symbol" after taking off his shirt and giving out his phone number during a performance at Six Flags Magic Mountain in front of thousands of screaming Seniors for Grad-Night 2010 and 2011.

    Each member adds a different flavor of swag, to create what would be none other than Da

    Mutantz. Who as their name implies, are simply out of this world.

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