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Shake-A-Vel - Shake-em Up

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My name is Shake-A-Vel a.k.a. Greeen Hornet better known as Gangsta Green. I was born and raised in Brooklyn. It was cool growing up in B.K. The only thing that was bad was we were very poor! So it led me to a life of crime at a very young age. I got the name Shake from playing basketball back in the days; I use to put shows on the court. We represent N.A. Rock, which stands for Nostrand Ave. From Fulton Street and Nostrand Avenue up to Lafayette Avenue across to Tompkins Avenue which was called Dodge City back in the day a neighborhood filled with cold hearted killas and snakes -- that's home to me.

I got the name Green Hornet from staying on my grind when it came to hustling. I had my first born (Tyke) when I was only sixteen so I had no time to play games. It was do or die for my twin and me who had been through thick and thin with me; that's my little homie.

In the year of 1990 I really started taking rap serious as far as becoming a rapper. I studied the art of writing in the back room of my apartment in the projects (NYC Housing Development). I practiced my writing skills for years as if I had been possessed by it. It took at least six years just to master my style of how to flow over beats and not miss a note. My whole thing was to be sharp like I was in basketball. I wanted to be the best at what I did. That's just in me.

Still deep into the lifestyle I was forced to live, I eventually became a victim to that violence. I was stabbed one day On The Hill in CT. This beef and retaliation went all the way to NY. We went to hit them and they came to hit us. It was a bloody war. Being in a shoot out with one gun against like seven niggas with four pounds and nines. I got up out of there with only three gunshots to the legs and one in my wrist. My man (JR) and I got hit at the same time. He suffered broken bones and had to have a blood transfusion; but the amazing thing is I am still here to talk about it and we both survived.

A couple of guys from NY and myself formed a new group called Oppress Nation. We used that because of all the trials and tribulations we were facing. I recruited Casine Kelly a.k.a. (Twisted) who has been nice for years. I decided to go solo and changed my name to Shake-A-Vel. I still had Casine Kelly to run the group, which we changed to O.P.N. and would no longer deal with Oppress Nation. It was time for a change. O.P.N. now stood for On Point Niggas.

I kept my head up high and refused to be a failure. Now I was on point with every move I made; I had one problem, which was an open court case (drug possession). While out on bail, I fought the charges for a minute but decided in order to move forward, I had to deal with the consequences of past choices. The lowest offer was 3 to 6 years upstate. I was a predicate felon with a history of crime. I decided to cop out and do my bid upstate to get my mind right. My main focus was to be successful when I came home. My #1 producer is Buddha Monk who kept it real and wrote me while I was up north. He said

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