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Gyancy - How U Been (Produced by HMP Muzick & DJ Yung Rmon)

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Thank's for contacting me and asking for a review of this track. I'd gladly give it a listen if it was available.

Since I happen to also be a graphic/web designer i'll review your cover art, since it is available.

Black background, white card with a teddy bear and red balloon.  Simple shapes and items and that's ok. Good cover art doesn't need to be complex, but it should attract enough attention to make someone who has never heard you, want to check it out. By the looks of the cover, I'm guessing this song has to the artist finally visiting his son and baby moma after years of being on the road. Having a teddy bear on the cover, plus an explicit lyrics tag are a little ironic, so I'm guessing that meeting didn't go quite well.  I think a shadow on the teddy bear would improve the design a little.  

Now let's talk about font choices.  Script font don't look good in all caps. Script fonts are used to look like handwriting and can made designs look more human, so using it in the title is a great choice. 

All in all I would give this cover a 2 out 10.  I'm guessing the song is better then the cover.

Great job on your hustle! Asking people to review your work is a great move.

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