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The female rapper has often been portrayed as an artist whose image or physical is pushed to the forefront over her talent. , a female whose success is measured off of co-signs and relationships, a follower, the first lady of a male dominated crew or movement. Within the last 5 years, North Carolina Recording Artist Shelly B has succeeded at changing that perception. This artist who has molded herself into nothing less than a true entertainer has always had a drive, consistency, and a grind that has ultimately brought her career many attributes, and a well respected name to the underground as well as the mainstream audience. Shelly B who has also been known as S. Bullets, Shelly Billionz, and Hollywood Shellz has been credited as the foundation layer for female artist' in the Carolinas. Praised for her artistry, dynamic showmanship, work ethic and leadership, the industry began to take notice to this young yet talented female rapper who was making noise in a state that often went unrecognized. Her accomplishments came with no specific aim to go out and grab a recording deal, but with a heart geared towards Hip Hop. Shelly B, the definition of an independent grinder has grown one of the biggest buzzes to touch the streets of Carolina. Through out her closely followed underground journey, she's had a habit of making history while gaining national exposure. In 2005, Shelly B was the first independent artist from N. Carolina to be featured in The Source's Unsigned Hype. She would then move on to become the first female artist to make it on Allhiphop.com's Breeding Ground section. Shortly after, Shelly B obtained 4 DOWN MagazineOutcast, Lil Bootsie, and Ludacris. Without the industry politics evolved, these editors researched who was diligently working their regions. Truly amazed by the self promotion, live performance stage presence and of course that raw street lyrical style of music coming from this petite young lady, writers dug deep to find out more. It was during this time that Shelly B graced the pages of the South's # 1 Hip Hop Reporter, The Ozone Magazine. Following this article, she would become VIBE Magazine's Carolina pick for Myspace's Hottest 51 Rappers. features, one of which was the cover that she shared with major recording artist

Before the spotlight made its stop on Nicole "Shelly B" Bradley, life was no easy walk in the park. At the tender age of 14, Shellz pursued the life of a lost juvenile in the streets looking to find her way, her path in life. Raised by a single mother, never knowing her father, and brought up in low income living with her older brother and sister, Shelly B quickly became a product of her surroundings. Although she did her very best, being a single mother who at most times maintained 3 jobs, it was difficult for Shelly's mother to keep her out of the streets, the juvenile criminal system, the group homes and training schools. During her adolescent years, Shelly B ran with a much more mature crowd and therefore clinged to an older local rap celebrity who would become her mentor and ultimately the motivation of her success today. He wrote a song about her that negatively reflected the life of a young black girl lost. This song flooded the street corners of Raleigh NC and became the turning point of Shelly's life which would turn it in the opposite direction. During her last Detention Center visit, Shellz decided to use that time in her cell to write a response to that song. It now reflected who she wanted to be and what she wanted to do in life. Upon her arrival home, others embraced what was then her first rhyme and encouraged her to aim big. Shelly B then became eager to make her first appearance on a local televised talent show. Her first live performance on "The Larry Pickett Show" would be the launch of a promising career. From then on, Shellz had the respect and support of her family and peers.

Shellz began to take her career into her own hands, depending on no one but God to manage her, and began to appear on local talent events. Following this journey of winning showcases all over the state of NC, Shelly started to market herself and would soon squeeze her way into radio at the age of 17. That ruff but feminine voice blazed the airwaves of popular radio stations with promos, professional interviews, club bangers, and appearances. These efforts to be recognized finally began to pay off as Shelly B made history again. She became the first female to be crowned champion of Radio One's K97.5 Freestyle Friday Battle Contest winning 7 weeks in a row against male artist. The word was now unleashed about this young, attractive, and truly talented artist. Everyone wanted her to be apart of their event, venue, or function. She has brought many creative and explosive live performances to grace the stage opening for national acts such as DMX, LiL Wayne, Trina, Scarface, Petey Pablo, The Lox, Jay-Z, Remy Martin, Fabolous, Soulja Boy, G Unit, KRS-1, and the list grows longer. These are only a few of the biggest names in Hip-Hop that have had the pleasure of Shellz rocking the crowds at their concerts. Her performance buzz would eventually land her a spot on a 6-city tour with Rah Digga in 2005. This one of a kind artist has also headlined a hand full of her own shows that have brought an astounding amount of spectators out to support her efforts. Shelly B would then move on to experimenting with event organizing establishing the promotional company Shelly B Promotions that would create events giving other native artist a platform to showcase their talents. In 2007, Shellz teamed up with Carolina street mix tape king DJ Barry Bee and created HollyHood Radio, an Internet based radio show that would also display a mixture of Carolina's finest. Her genuine efforts to expose herself and her state became evident and has earned her 3 Carolina based awards, A South Carolina based award nomination, an Ozone Award nomination and in 2009, a Southern Entertainment Award nomination followed by Another Carolina based award nomination. Threw out this journey, Shelly B has successfully released a street album, and 3 mix tapes one of which was release with DJ Smallz, the creator of the popular Southern Smoke series. She accredits her primary influence to her mother. "That woman is truly my best friend. She did an excellent job raising 3 children on her own, and I honor her for that. My mother is the strongest most dedicated individual I know. If it weren't for her being the person she is, I wouldn't be the person I am. She is what motivates me in every thing I do" explains Shelly. She is also influenced by anyone who is trying to make it in this business. Shelly B is continuously working to perfect a unique and polished style that will speak volumes for who Shelly B is. From the club bangers, to reality songs, to street life influenced lyrics this woman is definitely on point. While still unsigned, Shelly continues to write her own lyrics, distribute her own projects, entertain through an extremely dynamic showcase, strengthen other talents such as modeling, radio, event planning, acting, TV show hosting and still growing while preparing herself for the world of mainstream Hip-Hop. With that sexy but sophisticated image, unique voice, a real talent for lyricism and music everybody can relate to, Shelly B is guaranteed to make a major mark in the music industry.

Voice Drops, Interviews, Exclusive DJ Freestyles , Features , or Hostings

Contact: "PRO"

(FleetDJs, WCCG Soul 104.5 Fayetteville,NC, WWACN, Move Radio, Focuson The DJ)


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