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F.I.L.T.H.Y Houston Anthem featuring Paul Wall

Artist Biography

“I stand out in a crowd full of standouts,” proclaims Houston Texas based rapper, Filthy. The music industry today has seen many artists from all areas

come and go, with no staying power. Twenty four year old Rich

Parker, “Filthy”, has a unique and raw talent that exudes reality through street wisdom. Most people twice his age still have been unable to manage and maintain a level head while utilizing their musical talents simultaneously. At age 19 Filthy took on a huge responsibility of adopting his three younger siblings coercing his transition into adulthood at an early age. His rap name is not a description of who he is, but rather an acronym for what he is about. F.I.L.T.H.Y. standing for Fly, Intelligent, Lavish, Talented, Humble, Young man. Wholly embodies who he is.

Rough and rugged, the south has a side that many are unaware of. Mass amounts, of the increasingly popular southern musical style, have been played on the radio for years. Better known as the dirty south, we have seen artists such as Mike Jones, Chamillionaire, Slim Thug, Lil Flip, UGK, and many more take to the scene with a sound all their own. Filthy has every intention of being the next rapper to impact the nation with his musical genius; after all he was dubbed “The hardest rapper out of Texas next to Scarface” by the father of southern thug rap himself. Filthy has a hot sound and sex appeal that is not too commonly associated with rappers from Texas, already bringing something new to the table.

Success is not just a goal; it is a commitment for Filthy. Influenced by Scarface, Jay-Z, and Nelly, he doesn’t just want “… a hot single, but a classic album.” So for the past year after the release of his mixtape “Young, Fly, and Filthy” he’s sought after putting together a musical collection of powerful lyrics and diverse sounds. With this coalescence of attributes, the album will certainly have the power to stand alone and promote quality music in a time where people seem to fall off the music industry map in a blink of an eye.

Before becoming a solo artist Filthy was a part of a group called The Untouchables (aka Blvd.) that did fairly well with the single “Do you wanna ride?” As and individual artist, he has performed all across the nation in over three hundred shows with many big names in the industry such as Nas and Ashanti. More than ever his appetency for something bigger is what has fundamentally led him down the path he is currently taking.

Filthy’s freshman album “Me Myself, and My Microphone” is set to be released the first quarter of 2008. His first single entitled “Houston Anthem” featuring Paul Wall, is a gritty southern song with lyrical content that is sure to set fire to the scene. The album, although still in progress, already features other artists such as Scarface, Pimp C of UGK, Daron Jones from 112, as well as Keak Da Sneak and Mistah F.A.B. from the bay. Each track a single and a masterpiece, nothing on this album is just thrown together.

In the future Filthy hopes that he can be a positive role model in the entertainment industry, never having his heart questioned by anybody. Filthy may be a rapper, but he was and always will be influenced by his life experiences. This Lavish fly young man will continue to stay humble utilizing his musical intelligence and implacable drive. The dirty has yet to see what this artist can do for the south, it’s about to get everlastingly Filthy

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