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VA - Extreme Suendenfall Vol.11 (2011)

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VA - Extreme Suendenfall Vol.11 (2011)


VA - Extreme Suendenfall Vol.11 (2011)

Release: June 3, 2011 | Tracks: 33 | Format: MP3 VBR Kbps | Size: 274 MB

Genre: Pop, Rock, Electronic | Label: BATBE


01.Steinkind - Es muss (extended version)

02.Aesthetic Perfection - The devils in the details (remixed by SITD)

03.Caustic feat. Faderhead - White knuckle head fuck

04.I Love Club Sluts - I love club sluts

05.Corporate Soldiers feat. Ayria - Give it to you

06.Life On Mars - The ocean stands still

07.Electrovot - Faded memory (mixdown vox ltm)

08.XMH - Global Killer (RX-78 remix by NG-Pro)

09.Trakktor - Veil of thorns

10.Vandage - The family Manson

11.Decayed Reflection - Angels crucifixion

12.Millimetric - Dans mes yeux (9 elma remix)

13.Celluloide - Et si (nouveau mix)

14.Spark! - Ett lejon i dig

15.Wumpscut - Schrekk & Grauss (splitter remix)

16.Umilenie - Tempus fugit

17.Electrovot - In my memory (tribute to Edgar of Amduscia)

18.Virtual Embrace - The end (remix by Noise Pirate)

19.Alexx Botox feat. Sinfusion - Substanz:Botox (Sündenfall edit)

20.A7IE - Bad romance (Sündenfall edit)

21.Incubite - Glowstix, Neon & Blood

22.T3rror 3rror - Domination

23.Centhron - 666

24.X-Fusion - Holy grail

25.Chainreactor - Locked in

26.Vigilante - New order (Feindflug remix)

27.Ad Inferna - Under my skin

28.Unsinn - World of dreams (say just words remix)

29.Proyecto Alienoxir - Nuesta voz es nuestra arma

30.Devilssight - Innominado

31.Hydra Division V - Legion

32.God Destruction - In nomine dei nostri satanas

33.Xperiment - Bloodgame


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