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VA - Metall Ballads Forever (2010)

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VA - Metall Ballads Forever (2010)


VA - Metall Ballads Forever (2010)

Genre: Rock, Heavy Metal | 110 Tracks | MP3 192-320 kbps | 937 MB


1. Ozzy Osbourne - I just want you

2. Helloween - A Tale That Wasnt Right

3. Iron Maiden - Afraid To Shoot Stangers

4. Judas Priest - Dreamer Deceiver

5. DIO - Between Two Hearts

6. Scorpions - When You Came Into My Life

7. Manowar - Guyana

8.Alcatrazz - Suffer Me

9.Alice Cooper - Take It Like A Woman

10. Aerosmith - What It Takes

11. Darxon - Dont Give Up

12. Gamma Ray - Pray

13. Guns n Roses - Dont Cry

14. House Of Lords - Love Dont Lie

15. Kingdom Come - More Restrictions

16. Metallica - The Unforgiven

17. Nostradameus - Without Your Love

18. Axel Rudi Pell - Oceans Of Time

19. Rhapsody - The Blood Race Of The Jans

20. Stratovarius - 4000 Rainy Nights

21. Therion - The King

22. W. A. S. P.- Sleeping

23. Helloween -Your Turn

24. Iron Maiden- Brave New World

25. Guano Apes -Never Born

26. Guns n Roses- Estranged

27. Ozzy Osbourne- Ghost Behind My Eyes

28. Helloween- Time

29. Cinderella -Don't know What You Got (Till It's Gone)

30. Royal Hunt- Far Away

31. Scorpions -Still Loving You

32. Kingdom Come- Roses

33. Aerosmith -Amazing

34. Bonfire- Give It A Try

35. Hammerfall -Remember Yesterday

36. Iced Earth- I Died For You

37. Manowar- Courage

38. Metallica- The Unforgiven II

39. Motley Crue- Youre All I Need

40. Quiet Riot- Dont Wonna Be Your Fool

41. Axel Rudi Pell- The Masquerade Ball

42. Tiamat- Do You Dream Of Me

43. Tol Diel For- Lacrimarium

44. U.D.O. -Unspoken Words

45. Ynswie J Malmsteen's -Miracle Of Life

46. Ozzy Osbourne -Mama, I'm Coming Home

47. Iron Maiden -Wasting Love

48. Accecpt -Amamos La Vida

49. Scorpions- You And I

50. Aerosmith -Angel

51. Angel Dust- The Temple Of The King

52. Iron Savior- After The War

53. Kingdom Come- Janine

54. Manowar- Herz Aus Stahl

55. Metallica- Until It Sleeps

56. Blind Guardian- Nightfall

57. Guns n Roses- November Rain

58. Black Sabbath -Heaven and Hell

59. Rage- All This Time

60. Royal Hunt -Follow Me

61. Sinner -Destiny

62. Sonata Arctica- Letter To Dana

63. Stratovarius -Years Go By

64. Axel Rudi Pell- The Une

65. Metallica- Turn The Page

66. Twlight Guardians- Snowtall

67. Aerosmith- I Don't want To Miss A Thing

68. Helloween- In The Middle Of A Heartbeat

69. Accept -Winter Dreams

70. Cinderella- Long Cold Winter

71. Manowar- Master Of The Wind

72. Scorpions- Holiday

73. DIO -My Eyes

74. Iron Maiden- Fear Of The Dark

75. Darxon- Hungry

76. Ozzy&Lita- Close My Eyes Forever (from Lita Ford - 'Lita')

77. Heart- Along

78. Kingdom Come- What Love Can Be

79. Labirinth- Love

80. Metallica- Sad But True

81. Moonspell -Ghostsong

82. Rhapsody- Wings Of Destiny

83. Royal Hunt -Clown In The 84. Steeler- The Deeper The Night

85. Axel Rudi Pell- The Clown Is Dead

86. U.D.O.- Azrael

87. UFO -Belladonna

88. White Lion- When The Children Cry

89. Iron Maiden- Children of the Damned

90. Aerosmith -Angel

91. Axel Rudi Pell- Ashes From The Oath

92. DIO -All The Fools Sailed Away

93. Accept- Cant Stand The Night

94. Motley Crue -Without You

95. Ozzy Osbourne- Killer Of Giants

96. Manowar -Today Is A Good Day To Die

97. Kingdom Come -Can't Take Affection

98. Alice Cooper- Hell Is Living Without You

99. Scorpions -Send Me An Angel

100. Bonfire- Goodnight Amanda

101. Bruce Dickinson- Tears Of The Dragon

102. Lacrimosa- Dich Zu Toten Fiel Mir Schwer

103. Metallica -Nothing Else Matters

104. MSG (Mcauley Schkber Group) -Time

105. Rage -Vanished In Haze

106. Talisman -All I Want

107. Blacksmith- The King His Lost His Crown

108. Tiamat- Gaia

109. W. A. S. P.- Sleeping

110. Malmsteen -Like An Angel-Y.



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