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There is yet another

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There is yet another

There is yet another reason for the somewhat exceptional nature of telegraphic reports, the duty of reporting demands constant attendance and punctuality, and it therefore cannot be discharged by anyone whose avocations interfere with these requirementIn many outlying stations the choicc of observers is exceedingly limited, and it is impossible to find the same class of observers as would be looked for in establishing a station for climatological purposes; but for several of the stations, g., at the observatories of Oxford, Cambridge, and Bidston, and at Plymouth, the services of very high class observers have been secureIn fact the exceptional character of telegraphic reporting stations is recognized by every one who has ever had the slightest experience in their management.On the whole the Committee may point to the fact that their system of telegraphic observation, defective though it admittedly is, when Tory Burch Outlet compared with the strict requirements of the science, is The Committee are very glad to say that permission has at last Junebeen obtained from the proper Tory Burch Flats authorities to have the thermometers and rain gauge at North Shields transferred from the Post Office premises to Dockvray Square, which affords very good conditions of exposur Erron Tory Burch Shoes in tele allowed to be the most complete in Europe as regards the character graphic report f its observers, the control exerted over them by inspection and correspondence, the outfit of its stations, and the care taken to introduce improvements, g., in thermometric exposure whenever the possibility is offered, to ensure accuracy in the published reports, and to correct errors when detecte The lastnamed task is the most difficult of fulfilment of any, for it is only in the case of barometrical readings and to a slight extent as regards temperature, that an approach to accuracy in the publication of observations received by telegraph is attainabl In the case of the barometer the differences of reading between adjacent stations are usually so small, and follow such regular laws that a comparison of the reports reveals the existence of even slight error Serious mistakes in temperature are also detected by the same means, but as regards the other elements, especially the rainfall, and at times even the wind.

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