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By: Shimmy aka The Main Dealer


HOT Artist... CJ on his way TO put on for CLEVELAND!

I would like to welcome you to a new artist with the swag of a "REAL" hustla! As all of us know; many people/rappers "Talk It," but very few actually "Live It!" You know what it is when you catch a glimpse of an exotic 745 BMW on dubs, while sitting at the light. All you can say is "damn!"

That same response you have seeing it young, fly, & flashy is what CJ delivers thru the mic. While the nation embarks a recession, and claim Cleveland (Home of Bone Thugs & Harmony, & Ray Cash) the poorest city, CJ aka Cash Joe explains a lifestyle of a "CLEVELAND HUSTLA." A person getting money in more ways than 1; try 3 or 4 ways of flipping them dead presidents.

Catch his style... "If you lookin for me, I ain't to hard to find, I'm on Superior, goin hard gettin mine." A day-to-day living of doing what ever you have to do to make that money stretch. "Get It N Go," is not only the title of his second mixtape, but a way of moving fast, in a fast life dealing with a lot of clientele. Is this why they call him the "paper man"... with a chromed out Chopper??? Brush your teeth in the morning on the gas tank!!

With so much shine, CJ teaches through his lyrics to young hustlas how to stack chips, invest, & make it legit. He is a a definite answer to what many young cats out here can relate to, sending them a message of owning their own businesses. *Notice plural!

Change is what we want with Barack Obama for the nation, & change is what CJ wants to deliver to the urban music nation. Get It N Go vol. II hosted by: DJ Chicago hits the speakers with hits like "Paper Man" ft. Al Fatz, "Party Pack" ft. Chip tha Ripper & collabs with Pooh Gutta, Skent Dukes, R.O.B. and many more. His talent & delivery is what makes an artist a Star, from the streets to the stage his Get It N Go swagger will redefine Cleveland, the Midwest, & the nation.

"CJ... call me young sky scraper, funnel dirty money right into legit paper" - "Paper Man"

check him out below


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