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Everything starts from a struggle, and struggle turns into hustle, remarks Atif Shaw, aka Playa Shaw or Playa of the South. A rapper, his philosophy helps shape the mood and lyrics of his songs. Although only 23 years old, the Atlanta native has seen and experienced more than most 40 year olds. His life so far has taught him to pick his friends carefully, be more conscious about situations and surroundings, the importance of education, and to give back to the community, family, and the younger generations. His upcoming CD, Death Before Dishonor, deals with real life situations and the ability to overcome tragedy, utilize different approaches to live righteously, and helping self to help others spiritually. Slated for release in 2006, the CDs 22 tracks are only a small slice of the 70+ songs Playa has written. Im focused on my music. I write everyday. Im in the studio everyday. Im not letting anything deter me. His distinctive voice and lyrics are very evident on such tracks as Struggle Turns Into Hustle, Street Life, Damn I Miss My Cousins, just to name a few. Rapping since the age of 10, Playa attended Westlake High School in Atlanta and graduated in 2000. While there, the student body elected him king Mr. Westlake an honor based on popularity. After high school, he completed one year at Florida A&M University. Although his father nor his brother graduated from high school, Playa knows the importance of education. He is determined to go back to school to learn, so I wont be a fool with the money or the business. He labels his music as inspirational, positive and expressing his views on life and situations, including talking about the streets but not being in or of the streets. The death of his two older cousins in 1999 and 2005, one of which, Billy, was like a brother to him, and the imprisonment of his brother Previn for 10 years, are experiences that have helped shape his music and his life!


iN Da Kitchen (Dirty)

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