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Song: Showout

ChronicCast Featured Artist - Donnie Cross [showout]

Donnie Cross is a artist that easily defies descriptions. On surface he appears to be your everyday, easy-going Joe Blow on the street, but looks can be oh so deceiving. The truth is below Donnie's cool, calm demeanor, you'll find one of the most talented and complex artists the South has ever produced. Known in the business as a triple threat, Donnie Cross (AKA Decade, AKA Dime, AKA Big Ben, AKA Dec Diggler, and anything else you want to call him just as long as you put Mr. in front of it) is a producer, CEO, rapper and a entrepreneur who serves as Ambassadors Way flagship artist.

Born in the M-I-crooked Letter's capital city of Jackson MS and reared in its infamous Presidential Hills Neighborhood. As a founding member of the seminal Jackson area rap group Us from Dirrt, Donnie played a major role in influencing many of the City's most talented rappers

His debut LP Soundtrack to my Soul is a fascinating musical journey through the life and times of Donnie Cross. Fill with semi-autobiographical tales of pain, anguish, and triumph. "Soundtrack to my Soul is essentially everyday life on wax. There's something on here that reflects all of the things that happened to an individual on any given day, be it good or bad," explains Donnie. "No matter what's happening to you or how you may feel there's a themes song on here for everybody."

One of the songs that is emerging as a theme song for the Southern underground is Donnie's controversial single "I'm a Hater." Produced by Donnie's alter ego Decade the song features dark gothic melodies atop a thunderous bass heavy beat. "I'm a Hater" has been jump starting clubs throughout the State of Mississippi, with a hook that you absolutely love to hate!

Although the term hater has been looked upon as a negative thing in hip hop, Donnie Cross, the Super Villain, believes that it is time for us to revisit the meaning of the slang term. "The word hater has been misused," says Donnie. "Now days if you have a personal opinion or a valid criticism of something or someone then you is automatically labeled a hater. Hate is a part of human emotion and emotions are what make us individuals. So if I'm not conforming to your norm or I don't like what you like then I'm a Hater. It's a metaphor for individualism."

"Who You think You Playing With," is another classic Donnie Cross club banger that stands out on the album.

Sticking to the basic badass theme of "I'm a Hater" "Who You Think You Playing With" is another ultra hype banger that's been jump-starting clubs from Texas to Florida.

Built around a moog induced bass line and intoxicating beat that hovers effortlessly between crunk and snap, "Who You Think You Playing With" provides a brilliant sonic texture for Donnie's gruff voice and straight, no-nonsense tone and cautionary lyrics.

"Basically, this is one of those anthems for the underdogs," explains Donnie. "It for those people that always get picked on and ridiculed by cats because people see them as weak, truth is, they're the ones you really need to be watching out for. The most dangerous person there is a cat who is always a target for bullies."

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