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<p><img src=http://www.mixtapetorrent.com/system/files/illmaticremixjawnt.jpg></p>

<p>I came across this by accident. I'm friends on myspace with one of the artist featured on here. And he did an "It Ain't Hard 2 Tell" remix, by Nas. Then I found out there is a whole remix album. It's basically redone with fresh underground artists, crisp beats (with the original beats noticeable). But, it's not just the beats with extra 808's & cymbals. It feels like a whole new work of art. It can stand alone, in my opinion.</p>

<p>You may recognize some of these artists &/or producers (such as Oddissee, Kev Brown, Best Kept Secret), if you're into the underground music scene</p>

<p>If you know me (Trip aka A.D.), I know good music. I wouldn't suggest something wack. If you into some gritty, straight up Hip-Hop, are a fan of Nas, or just love quality works of music, cop this immediately!</p>

<p>[All tracks CBR 192kbps. No DJ. Mixtape/street album]</p>

<p><a href="http://www.mixtapetorrent.com/inner-loops-illmatic-remix-jawnt">read more</a></p>

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