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Uncle Ruck feat. Ray Charles - Mess Around (Prod.by Uncle Ruck)


Producer/Artist born and raised in Birmingham,AL. Has been making music for years. He was raised on Hip-Hop. Growing up in the projects was hard and music was his only escape to zone out and forget about the chaos that was going on around him. He creates visual audio and let's the tracks paint a picture. Currently a member of the NoizeMob Music team as one of it's many talented producers. He is a force to be reckoned with and ask anyone who has ever heard a UncleRuck track and they'll tell you the same. Uncontent with the way Southern music is headed , he plans to make a change in his own way. "The black youth need to understand that the struggle is far from over and just beginning. More and more black males are getting locked up , we're disrespecting our black women more and more each day , and music is no longer an art but a vice to pump stupid ass dances and trends into the minds of the youth in order for a profit. Let it be known that the idiots dancing around in blackface are not even making the money but the corporations and the overall economy is making money. "Lean wit it , rock wit it , Shake that Laffy Taffy , Chicken Noodle Soup , " we might as well grab some tap shoes and a cain and start dancing for these motherfuckers! How long will we continue to exploit ourselves? I'm coming and you best believe that I am gonna pump my fist untill my arms get tired!Hip-Hop get ready!" Crafting tracks for artists such as TyteWurk , Gutta , MonaLisa , DirtyDolla, The Message , ADiggz , ERACE , Carlton Banks , Thumpa , Down4MinezEnt. , and many others ; UncleRuck is on his way to fulfilling his destiny as one of the best producers in the business.With his current single GoneAndGetIn feat.JodyBreeze he has the internet goin' nutz! Whether it's a track produced by JimiKendrix,UncleRuck,2Tre or WizHoffa ; one thing is for certain , "It'sNotAHitUnlessNoizeMob'sBehindIt!" For services or info contact UncleR. at uncleruck@gmail.com or 205-213-8369. Any further inquiries contact WizHoffa the NoizeMob General at www.myspace.com/wizhoffa or at imreallydatdude@gmail.com

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