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Jihad Ft. J. Futuristic - Down (Produced by K.E.)

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J-Hud aka JIHAD,born in Detroit, Michigan(Motown),the city that birthed Marvin Gaye, Stevie Wonder, and Michael Jackson, just to name a few. And just like the legends that preceded him. Jihad arrived to this world with music in his blood. Complimented by his latter upbringing in Columbus, Ga. (Ma Rainey, Dallas Austin, Joe, Chili of TLC) the heart of the south where the work on his dream began. Jihad began in a singing group winning local talent shows and singing for anyone that would listen.

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didn't really grab me on first listen this is one of those songs I gotta listen to over & over to get a feel for it.

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Here's the skinny

Beat - 4

Hook - 4

Lyrics - 3.5

Production - 3

Vibe - 4

The song goes hard....it is definitely influenced by J Futuristic. The sound is really familiar. But it goes ham....It should get spins. I'll be adding it to ChronicCast Radio.....


For more promotional opportunities....

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