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Young Slugga aka Mr. Grand Slam

When Young Slugga was growing up on the streets of Chattanooga, TN he always knew that his challenging times would only fuel him to become a stronger and better man. It was obvious from early on that he was gifted with a talent for writing rhymes. His "rap poetry" became his outlet and even as he would pursue a higher education his pen and pad would also be used to write lyrics for "bangin" tracks and future success. Many people will tell you that there was never any doubt that Young Slugga would rise from the obscurity of his small town roots. He remembers growing up and being fueled by knowing that an artist like Usher came from around his way and blew up to become an international star. This future star gives it all he's got everyday making road trips for studio time and shows each week with a religious dedication.

One day, on the relentless road he has been traveling on, the CEO of On Demand Entertainment, Ty Lee came across Slugga at a local talent showcase. He blew her away with his tight delivery, universal charm and good looks. Yes the ladies loved Young Slugga and his talent was obvious. In just a short time Slugga and his strong team have branched out from his hometown and are on the rise in cities throughout the southeast. Local industry heavy hitters in the hottest city in the south, Atlanta, have embraced him as one of their own. He has gotten the stamp of approval from tastemakers like SEA Club DJ of the Year DJ X Rated and DJ Funky of the Coalition DJ's to name a few. His momentum is undeniable as the buzz around the song "Walk it Like a Model" is headed to becoming an anthem. But please believe Slugga is no one hit wonder, his nickname Mr. Grand Slam is appropriate because this talented artist is stepping up to the plate with a lyrical bat that will bang out hit after hit in the "world series" of music.


TY LEE-manager

PHONE (305)-746-5080

BOOKING INFO/DROPS /FEATURES tyuniquelee@aol.com

There is a Youtube page www.youtube.com/realslugga

There is a Myspace page www.myspace.com/realslugga

There is a Twitter page www.twitter.com/realslugga

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