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Austyn - Sensational @AustynsMusic

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Singer-songwriter-producer is back releasing his highly anticipated new single that’s s exactly what it is entitled, “Sensational” that released Friday, 11.17.17 on all downloadable streaming music platforms such as Spotify, Tidal & Apple Music.
This new single will be the featured song off of his forthcoming 2nd installment of his “Art, Music, Life” series.  The EP’s are created to be a self-help musical opus for every walk of life.
For more information on Austyns Music head to www.austynsmusic.com and find him on Instagram, Facebook & Twitter @austynsmusic. And that’s AUSTYN spelt “A-U-S-T-Y-N”

Follow @AustynsMusic on twitter!

Instagram: @AustynsMusic
Facebook: @AustynsMusic

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