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FlightLevels - Real Vs Fake @Mr_FlightLevels

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Welcome to the Flight ,I am your captain FlightLevels coming to you from Youngstown, OH.  Although I may only be 23 I can promise you are in the best hands when it comes joining the Flight. What is the Flight you ask? It's the experience of music taken to new heights with the expansion of the mind guided to new levels. The songs are referred to as flights because music uplifts you, and me being FlightLevels it's my job to keep the beautiful souls of this planet lifted above, the downs of the non-believers. We all have a purpose in this life, we just need to hear that we do.Fighting the non-believers is a hard task when alone but together we can overcome. Each flight is fueled by faith and directed by God. The soothing melodic airwaves produce the perfect amount of flow needed to provide our passengers with the best flights. This is not gospel nor rap but floetry, which the ability to move the spirit. So thank you for joining the flight, Enjoy the flight and prepare to  TakeFlight.

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