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TpT - Hydra @T_P_T

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TPT (Trials Pain Tribulation) is an Austin, Texas born and raised Hip Hop artist who prides himself in making music that people can relate to. He began rapping at the young age of 12, idolizing Hip Hop legends such as Tupac Shakur, Jay-Z, Nas, and Biggie Smalls.

He started keeping it simple, recording on a basic Sony tape recorder with a few friends from his neighborhood, TPT realized his natural gift for rapping. Upon his discovery, he shifted gears and began exploring the music business on a more serious note. Not long after TPT decided he wanted to learn more, so he then enrolled in the Music Technology Recording Arts program at Foothill Community College. TPT gained a lot of inspiration in his Songwriters’ workshop course taught by Veteran songwriter Jim Bruno. As well as he learned about music production in his “Producing in a Home Studio taught by Bruce Tambling. TPT is actually still in school now learning everything about music from History to composing, even taking an interest in Mozart and Beethoven. 

TPT currently records at Spitshine Studios with Russ Pickman of Austin, Texas, also Christopher Loke at LitUpAv studios in in Garfield Texas. He has performed at multiple venues including Spinner’s Live, Ponderosa, and Austin Lounge. In 2014 He open for Rap super star Trina and also open for Juvenile in 2012 (links Below) TPT has recorder over 40 full-length unreleased albums averaging about 12-22 songs each. He works with multiple local artist including HHP, Yung Green, Gee Bully, T-flasha’ Anya and US as well as many Beat Makers such as Beezy Beats, TY Beats, Pixel Beats, Super Mario Beats, just to name a few. He also has released multiple music videos such as “Jump In” and “Hands Down” which both reached over 40,000 views in their first week on YouTube. Then not far after the videos for “Voices” a track from his upcoming album and “Bout Mines” a HHP track he’s featured in dropped a week apart recorded by Righteous One’s Johnnie Cade.

TPT just recently dropped “Reaper” which is Vol.2 to his REAL MUSIC series and Vol. 3 Psychosis. The 4th edition to the Real Music Series will be coming out in the near future, entitled "Last Caesar". He also recently released his music video to “Survive” a very deep and emotional song about life. This video can be seen on both YouTube and Vimeo. Also he has 2 video releases that dropped at the end of 2013 and the beginning of 2014 “Slow Motion” feat Beezy and HHP which was shot last  Fall with Righteous One’s Johnnie Cade dropped Christmas 2014  as well as Last Caesar shot by Jay Mackall of Grind District which released New Year’s 2014.  TPT has been ranked #1 locally, #20 nationally, and #26 Globally on Reverberation Rap Charts 2013-2014 and the Top 20’s in 2015 .He also holds #1 on the Our stage’s Urban Charts.

TPT also recently became the face of Mary Jane's™ Beers, Spirits, and Wines and looks forward to all the ventures he has coming with them as well as he's the model for Complete Culture. TPT also recently did some work with John Ridley, writer of 12 Years a Slave, as an extra in the pilot "American Crimes" adding on to his acting resume which includes both "Friday Night Lights" and ABC's "The Lying Game". He's also up for a great roll with another movie which details cannot be disclosed at this time but keep your eyes open TPT has a lot in the works.

TPT as we speak  is working on complement of his 4th  Released Album Real Music  Vol 4  Last Caesar Hosted by Dj Versus & 5th Album Real music Vol.5 War with his first mainstream feature from Outlaw Edidon from Tupac and the Outlaws also his 6th and 7th mixtape Project Ghost and No Time Wasted Vol. 1 along with a list of feats. What can TpT do for you that other artist cant? He is a writer, hit maker, organizer that honest ear that will help usher in a new era of music not just his but any artist you place around him will grow. There is no clone sound here No artist sounds like TpT step outside the box an go with the next big thing  TpT & the Real Music Movement are spreading yahoo YouTube  Google ITunes, Amazon, Google Play etc. he is everywhere and growing everyday  with a little support from you he can be the next Hip-hop or Rap Icon. Make your next move your best move SUPPORT!!!!! Sign or Fund TpT  You’ve heard it now please listen look and enjoy the links pictures and song samples below   he looks forward to making history with you and your company thank you and have a blessed day

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