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R. FOSTER (Robert Foster) is a Recording Artist/ Songwriter on DubShack Music Group. A label launched by his uncle Anthony (Uncle Banks) Watkins in 2013 to ensure that Foster would stay steadfast on his path to becoming of what he aspired to be. Born and Raised in Chattanooga Tennessee Foster would encounter his hardships. Surrounded by gangs, prostitution, and drug dealers Foster would find love in writing music at the age of 13. Face with the harsh realities of everyday life his dream of being a worldwide recording artist and selling out Arena’s would temporarily be set aside. At The age of 18 and shortly after receiving his High School Diploma R. Foster was indicted and sentenced to 135 months in Federal Prison. While there he educated himself in various languages, completed Community College, and continued to sharpen his skills as an aspiring Hip Hop artist/songwriter. After 10 years he was finally freed and with that freedom he went to work right away. This was the year 2013. Now years later he has gained international recognition. His Freshmen album “The Book of Tricks is geared to be released in 2018 and has already bared good fruit with 3 hit singles “Trophy Cases”, Hustle and Required Higher. Im sure that with all the struggles and hardships he has overcome and that with all the pain hidden behind the man his story will most likely serve as a motivating light and without a shadow of a doubt leave an everlasting lyrical imprint on us all. Safe to say that there will never be another 2Pac, Biggie, Scarface, NAS , just to name a few but with the way Hip Hop has diversified today R. Foster might be the last of a dying breed, yet the leader of a new league  a  Hybrid.  To Hip Hop say hello R. Foster and R. Foster, THE WORLD.

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