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King LB - Born Criminal @LB_TheUglyTruth

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From Pacoima California LB is a seasoned vet at his trade Entertainment. LB started off as a rapper in the early 90's and asked his brother to join him on the venture. His brother brought along a friend of his and they formed the group "The Unda World". LB gave up rapping in 1999 to pursue music production for his older brother Puppet or "Karnage" AKA P. Karnage (PK) sadly Puppet passed in 2000.

In the 90's E40 and DJ Quik were big on the Hip Hop scene. LB thought E40 had a unique voice on the audio track and like DJ Quik LB did not like his voice on track but because he saw how successful they were he decided he would give it a shot.

Life in Pacoima where he grew up was one for the records. Like many artist LB had many challenges in life. Living with his mother sister and brother in San Fernando Valley LB claims he became conscious and aware around the age 4 and still holds many childhood memories. LB's mother was going through some things like most single mothers so around the time LB was 13 she shipped the two boys out to Colorado and kept her daughter in California with her.

The first Colorado trip didn't last long so the boys returned to California but the plane ride back was one that would stick with LB for a lifetime. No parent felt right to him, all grown up in a sense.

There have been many trips back and forth between California and the mid-west including Minnesota where the family resides.

Now days LB is looking to advance his career in the music industry by learning what it takes to manage artist and market music productions. Today LB is riding with "The Light" and has a few CDs in the making so keep your eyes and ears open. Up next is "Unfathomable"

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