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Beezy Bear - Nicki Minaj @beeezybear

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Born in Saint Petersburg, Florida on June 21, 1984. Steven Wilkinson is known to most in his town as Bear, has been writing and performing music for over 10 years now. Bear has always maintained that hustle mentality. At the age of 14 he started working at Winn Dixie as a grocery bagger, but $60 a week wasn't cutting it for him, so he started working a second job for extra income. Soon after that, he found himself acquiring more things than a lot of his peers. Faced with the attention that he was getting from his schoolmates, especially the girls, he became easily distracted from the main purpose of school which was getting a good education. Many things have happened in this young man's life in a short period of time. Coming from a small town in Florida, he has (Seen A Lot): Lost his brother from a shooting in 95, buried several other family members and childhood friends. (Done A Lot): Owned 3 new cars by the age of 21, Bought his first home at 23.

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