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D. Daniels born January 27 known to his fans as Infinite is a music artist, songwriter and music producer. He has released five independent rap projects up until 2013. Infinite creates real music that sets the trend. "This is motivation music for people who want to win and can relate to everyday pain and struggle." You can also hear Infinite on new records in your favorite night club. 

Born in North Carolina but raised in Maryland Infinite began connecting words at the tender age of nine. It was then Infinite was able to write his first sixteen bar song complete with hook. Scenes from his roaming poor childhood life were envisioned and created like a movie then brought to life with poetry and words that rhymed. "I would get hyped about this art or my escape but when I shared it with friends no one believed shit was real." Regardless of outside doubt he continued to believe in his gift. 

When Infinite was fourteen he performed for an arena of over 5,000 as a show opener for other major rap artist. The support from those stars and a chance to work on a huge project convinced him that there was a chance in music. Although soon after the music and talent became a lost past time interest. Writing was placed on the back-burner while life and the streets were his reality but also his temporary set back. Infinite was placed in many dangerous situations in order to survive which cost him a sentence in PGCC max and a few on Rikers. "When life offers you little the streets force you to be a survivor in all the wrong ways, but if you stay focused and believe in self, abundance will offer you better options."

Since 2004 Infinite has relocated to NYC to combine talents with other known rap artist. He has recently worked on projects with major rap dj's and artist including Dj Lazy K, Steve Sola: Studio Engineer and Dj Envy to name a few. His videos have been recently uploaded on London’s NME Magazine: 1st For Music News website, giving the artist a break in international review. Previous mixtapes have been recently added to MTV's website. Rap Music lovers can also find Infinites hip hop projects at Billboard.com

Follow @infiniteelite on twitter!

Youtube: infiniteelite
Soundcloud: infinitenow
Instagram: infinite_pov

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