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Yusef Vestle, known as YVHA, was born on January in Denver, Colorado in the year of 1979 At the ago of 4years old, he moved to California in the hood.  After growing up in a bad area, and trying to stay out of trouble and out of gangs he decided to do music instead, which he has always had a love for since he was 7years old.  Back in 1994 he became a DJ, hitting up parties, and clubs spinning hot tracks making a name for himself Called “HALO”

He has been encountering problems after problems, trying to get his sound heard, since it's more unique than any other Artists, and he uses NO Sample's. YVHA was influenced by DJ Quick, and liked Snoop Dog 1st Album, "Doggystyle". He is a Rapper, Songwriter, Record Producer, Engineer, Photographer, Artist, Sound Designer, and Graphic Designer.

YVHA never knew his dad, He left his mom when he was 1yr's old, and has never seen him since then. His mother never believed in him and told him no one will buy his music, so he has always since then strived for greatness, to wanting to prove his mother wrong. 

In 1996, YVHA has founded names like 'What Now Entertainment and 'H-Productions'. These two foundations are responsible for produced Hits like "Gettum Up"(At Rancho Park 1996 Fundraiser) and "Hypnotic Tease"(At the Players Choice Club- Inland Empire). Later making a name for himself, he produced "Hitum in the Grill" (Which aired on 99.1 in the summer of 2002).

 The C.E.O of a well known and well respected; record label wanted him to be on the labels production team. YVHA refused the offer due to the fact, he wanted to start his own record label, and he didn't want other people to take or get the credit for his outstanding talent. YVHA dreams are not to be known as a good Producer, but a Great Producer. He is definitely a perfectionist. 

He has also produced beats for Soul Hood Entertainment, (now known as fly hood society) which happens to be Snoop Little Brother's team. He was also a acting A.R for FOUNDING ARTIST RECORDING, where he did Pictures, and an Album Cover for a solo Artist named Kuulaid from a group called MADNATION, (Who used to be in DJ Quick Group). He is now Handling Marketing Strategies, Promotion, Pictures, Album Covers, and Bio’s, and Sound Design along with Photography and Music Videos, as you can see this man is very talented, and determined. 

He is currently using Hybrid Engineering and Hardware for all Mixing Purposes, He approaches his mixing as a science in creating a experience, Not just trying to make a song, but to have a great listening experience.. Writing and making new music, that opens the mind, and that’s great to dance to.

Follow @yvhamultimedia1 on twitter!

Beat Website: www.yvhammg.com
Music Website: www.yvhamusic.com

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