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Kane Giib - Screwface

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Born august 7,1983 in the heart of Miami Dade County Florida (Liberty City) Kane Giib was inspired to pursue a rap career from legendary icons such as Scarface, Tupac Shakur, and 8Ball and MJG. It was these influences that convinced Kane Giib that music was something more than an art and a voice. This inspirational music caused Kane Giib to start writing and recording when and where ever he could which eventually landed him on underground radio stations throughout Miami and Broward county which landed him a deal with a late local up and coming record label known as M.A.D. MAFIA.

 It was through this label Kane Giib was exposed to major artist such as DMX, Drag on, the Outlaws, Bushwick Bill, and Mr. Cheeks of the lost boys whose video lights, Camera, Action he landed an appearance in courtesy of Mr. Cheeks and his affiliation with M.A.D. MAFIA at the time. It was then that Kane Giib was encouraged by Mr. Cheeks of the lost boys to pursue his career passionately. Mr. Cheeks stated to Kane Giib that his sound was unique and something that needed to be herd and if he does not waiver his future could be beyond promising. This was motivation enough for Kane Giib formerly known as Hurricane T.L.P. Since then Kane Giib has been performing locally doing mixtapes and features with local and very promising talented artist throughout Florida to widen his exposure and fan base while making a name for himself. Kane Giib is a name that is recognized throughout Florida as (DADE COUNTIES BEST KEPT SECRET).

 He is working on a new mixtape titled (JAILMAIL) that explains his life before and during his incarceration in 2015 and the impact it had on him and his loved ones ever since. Kane Giib is currently pushing his well-recognized single (SCREWFACE) on THEREAL92hiphop.com as well as YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and SoundCloud along with other recent brief promotions of him on these sites. He has collaborated with artist that has made it in the source magazine such as TWICE DA THREAT and South Mob. Which later formed into a group he created known as G.I.I.B. (get it in blood). Which has currently been put on hold do to incarcerations of some of the artist as well as dealing with passing’s of family members. He has also worked with Jacksonville’s finest producer known as The Phenomedon M GEEZY who also supports his decision to further his career in music. Kane Giib project JAILMAIL is extensively about his versatility determination to be recognized as one of the great ones. With songs such as SCREWFACE, PUSHING HARD, and Menace to society, this mixtape should and will prove to be one for the history books. Hoping for recognition and a chance to land a career, Kane Giib continues to strive further and push harder than he's ever pushed himself before.

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