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Pilitt Ghe - Lost Nobody @DEVINMAKEMUSIC

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Pilitt Ghe, AKA the Mayor of Molly AKA “Mr. Molly Mayhem” himself ,although a very new addition to the hiphop spotlight to many , is an artist who has been rooted deeply in the behind the scenes of Hip-Hop.Learning early on in his career that there was more to the industry than just making Dope content and posting, Pilitt then sought out a most passionate and industry known Influencer, K.Kish , known best by her social media alias @Kaykiss13, which would be the smartest career choice by Pilitt to date. Kaykiss’s golden touch ultimately would become the secret weapon that the MOLLY MUSIC campaign was missing in 2015. We first found Pilitt Ghe creating a massive stir amongst , KEY MAJORS, thru-out the record label industry. Many people first became aware of the mysterious ,self-proclaimed most lyrical mumble rapper and true  “MAYOR OF MOLLY”, after word got out that he would be doing a pop-up tour with the ,lets say dated, but nonetheless crowd approved rapper, “PAPA DUCK” we all found this ,unexpected  for so many reasons, still the industry eye was close on this so called “New” mumble rapper by the name of “Pilitt” which came from his original performance name Pilot.G. Pilitt has engrained every aspect of the industry into his everyday mindset that he actually changed his name strategically after doing constant brand research to find the perfect star “LITT” name he’d chosen to carry throughout the entirety  of his music career. You may have caught a seat on a molly airways jet earlier then some core fans, if you were staying any where near Florida where Pilitt first demonstrated how true his single “Grind so hard” really is. It was his  persistence, plus a DAB of technical know how that resulted in organic relationships built thru convos with every possible industry name he could get to sit down and chat for two seconds, such as his hometown industry role model “Mookboy” also singer song-writer “J-town” and even the likes of “BIGGA RANKIN”.  Between his pressure industry contacts list and constant hard work put in , “Pilitt Ghe” allowed his music to peek thru the deep excess of rap music content currently available and slowly but surely created a textbook “cult following”. Pilitt Ghe accredits his PR team for most of his current achievements,  but we know he has a unique and Probably Molly influenced campaign stirring up for the summer 2017. Some super molly munchkins (Pilitt’s pet name for his true followers) are even holding their breath while still screaming for his SXSW appearance. This artist is really going to be the deciding factor in the new direction of “NEW-NEWschool” hiphop. He leaves just the perfect amount intrigue or as Pilitt says “Molly mystery” to draw you back just in time for another hot release with who knows who featuring! One thing is certain PIlitt Ghe is signed to the perfect fit label wise, currently happy at DCIE records officially,  where their motto reads proudly across the top of their homepage “DOPE CONTENT IS EVERYTHING” this creative acronym  for the Florida based Indie label is almost as intriguing as the artist they currently hold on their exclusive roster including  ,BlacxAP ,B.Dubb, and not to mention the in house producer ,Daralon , who also recently signed to DCIE records. You can follow Pilitt Ghe and all DCIE records artist by stoping by the Dabcultureentertainment.com site or follow on SPOTIFY, PANDORA,ITUNES or any major streaming service. you can hear new PILITT GHE music on soundcloud.

Follow @DEVINMAKEMUSIC on twitter!

Soundcloud @PILITTGHE

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