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Gigi Rae - No Distance No Divide @gigiraeofficial

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Gianna Rae Sacchetti (Gigi Rae) is an up and coming star whose stage presence and energy are dynamic. As stated by her fans, Gigi Rae’s sweet and melodic voice is her signature. Gigi Rae, who was born in 1996, showed early signs of becoming an entertainer with her theatrical nature and ability to steal the show in any setting. Fast forward to 2014 when Gigi Rae put out her debut single “I’ll Wait”, she quickly gained the attention of producer/songwriter Jack Chicago from FridayPopCafé.  Since then she has begun an amazing and steady trajectory towards becoming a pop star.

Gigi Rae debuted her most recent single “No Distance, No Divide” in 2016. Having gone from a quiet release on YouTube to spinning on indie radio stations all over the world, “No Distance No Divide” reached number eight on the Radio Indie Alliance top ten list. Her single has also made a steady climb to number eight on DE NED Top 40 and continues to gain popularity. Gigi Rae made her on-air launch with an interview on The WinkelWagen Show in January of 2017.  

Born on February 23 in a town just outside of Atlantic City, New Jersey, Gigi Rae had anything but a typical childhood. Since she was a young girl, Gigi Rae participated in dance lessons, piano lessons, and competed on an elite soccer team. Athleticism has always been Gigi Rae’s strong suit, but piano lessons were not. A musical instrument was non-negotiable with her parents, so she compromised and her voice became the instrument. That’s when Gigi Rae discovered her passion for singing and performing. Subsequently, she was approached by a modeling agent on a street while shopping in Philadelphia. Since then, she worked hard to balance her schoolwork, sports, small roles in movies and television, and modeling gigs while performing as much as possible.   

Currently, Gigi Rae is a forth-year student at Ursinus College where she attends via academic and athletic scholarships.  She loves to perform and make appearances on radio shows whenever an opportunity arises.

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Instagram:  gigiraeofficial
Facebook:  GigiRae

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