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Savage House - Come On Over

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Swagger Jackerz

We are pleased to announce the first studio album from producers Swagger Jackerz, Dandy Diaspora. Hailing from London, the rudeboi duo is fluent in MLE and smashes down the Savage House album of the year. All around town and beyond, women are fainting at the sight of these Dandy Diaspora, whose fusion of dancehall, garage, ragga, and salsa is pulsing with raw energy and rhythm.

The rudebois laid down their funky, savage beats at Swagger Jackerz’ recording studios over the past year, bringing that conga natty riddim on every track. The dynamic, fast grooves tell a story that is constantly on the move, savagely moving from one raw emotion to the next.

The one thread connecting the tracks is the raw, savage beat that ranges from warm and erotic to menacing. The adrenaline-rush is on with a refreshingly balanced freshman album that has something for everybody. From the unrelenting “Would you” to the wildly flirtatious “Jungle Bunny,” Dandy Diaspora commands you to move. The dance scene will not be disappointed.

This first studio album from Swagger Jackerz is just the first of many as it gathers a colourful talent pool from the London scene. Dandy Diaspora fuses together modern house sound with a diverse array of raw rhythmic sources, and is the first of many releases to bring a progressive, breakout sound.

Here is a link to iTunes sales page.


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