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Elu - Topless @ELUMUZIK

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Felicia Lucas has started a foundation, that will help others that are struggling in the entertainment industry  – by helping them pursue their careers. Managing her son Eric Lucas aka “Elu” was raised in Charlotte, NC. He was no stranger to the road. He had been working hard, paying his dues, and performing at big city venues; opening for artists such as Young LA, Paris Bennett, Gypsy Stokes, Wu-Tang Clan, and Tone Loc. These ranges of artists showed “Elu’s” ability to pair his own hybrid form of music with other, more defined artists. Unlike one hit wonders, “Elu” created unique and memorable songs with longevity. His music, a fusion of styles ( hip hop, pop, dance) allowed flexibility in artistry and versatile appeal. He continued to experiment with various musical forms and evolved in his mastery of music right up to his untimely death. So his mother Felicia went on to create the Eluwecare.org foundation.

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