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Born and raised on the south side of Chicago.  I used to make beats by recording different sounds to an old radio and rapping to them to record in a different tape deck.  Moved to California where i spent my high school years and learned to battle rap. Started producing seriously years later and making music.  I made my first album, "Take Notes" in 2009 that you can only find on Amazon.  In 2011, my second album "Heart" was filled with energy as always and experimented with a few samples in my tracks like "Rock Around the Clock" and "Don't Speak".  I made a video for "Sposed To" which is still to this day is growing views on YouTube.  In 2015, I released "The V Project", which it really was me just getting back in the groove of music.  I took a break for school and mourning the death of my friend.  All of my albums if not anything else always have high energy and quotable lyrics.  I continue to stay open minded and grow as an artist every day.  

My latest album "Block Brio"  just released on 24 September 2016.  The album cover is the house i grew up in on the South side of Chicago.  That's where i started, where i wrote my first raps.  I chose that cover because I reflect on my past frequently throughout the album.

The first song on the album paints the picture of what the neighborhood is like.  On a good day, it looks like a nice peaceful block which it can be, but there is also a lot of chaos and distractions for kids growing up in that neighborhood.  It's an intro to my old hood, my background, and the album.  Every song has high energy, catchy hooks, beats you can't help but to like, and lyrics that make you smile, laugh, think, and want to rewind.  I love every track on the album and i'm having a hard time picking one to make a video for.  My friend/brother Baker boy is featured on a couple tracks on the album.  He passed away a couple of years ago and i feel  it is only right to have him on every project I make moving forward.

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